Nov 30

Earbud Anti-Tangling Device by The Loop Management Solutions

This amazing Earbud Anti-Tanging Device has just saved my sanity. Special thank you to the inventor of The Loop.

Earbud Anti-Tangling Device

Earbud Anti-Tangling Device

The Loop Earbud Anti-Tangling Device is ready to save you time, effort, and energy. The Loop offers many colors. I am ecstatic to bring This phenomenal Anti-Tangling Device to you here at OMG Goodies. 

My Thoughts on Earbud Anti-Tangling Device By The Loop

First, Wow! Thanks to The Loop Earbud Anti-Tangling Device I am no longer fighting with my earbuds. Usually, no matter where I am or what I am doing, my earbuds are a tangled mess, but not anymore.

Have you ever gotten all set up to use a machine at the gym and BAM your earbuds are a tangled mess? I have faced this more times than I care to count.  It never fails, I have them untangled before walking into the gym and BOOM they have tangled again! I honestly believe there is a little group of minions in my gym bag that have a contest to see how many knots they can make. Banished from my life are these minions of mass destruction. This anti-tangling device is now my secret weapon to avoid the tangles, knots, and the embarrassment of fighting the cord.

Second, the directions are simple to understand and even include a picture diagram for each step. Furthermore, there is a great video on YouTube showing you exactly how to use them in real time. Make sure you check out the video.

Third, this incredible innovation is made in the USA. How awesome is that? I also love how it is made of recycled content and you can even recycle it. Though, I could never see why you would want to recycle this amazing time-saving device.


In conclusion, with the holidays right around the corner, The Loop Earbud Anti-Tangling Device is a great stocking stuffer for everyone who uses earbuds. Most important, it come is an assortment of colors and quantities for easy purchase. Therefore, you can easily cover your kids, spouse, and nieces and nephews.


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The Loop Earbud Anti-Tangling Device

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