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Easy tricks to help you quit smoking in 2017

Today, smoking is probably the second most common vice in the world after alcoholism. Although it doesn’t seem to have such strong implications like some other vices, you should definitely consider quitting it.

Easy tricks to help you quit smoking in 2017

It is seemingly a harmless issue and you require at least several years of consumption to notice first changes to your body. However, as the time goes by and usage continues, it can easily lead to severe medical problems. Nicotine and other substances found in cigarettes can have such a bad impact on your respiratory system. Needless to say, they also cause some esthetic issues as they affect both your skin and hair.

In order to deal with smoking and finally quit it, I have compiled a short list of tips and tricks that should help. Let’s check them out!

1. Accepting life without cigarettes

Most individuals start smoking at a rather early age, during high school or even elementary school. Over time this becomes habitual and it is sometimes hard to recollect when it all started. That being said, it is easy to understand that concept of smoking becomes synonymous with everything: we connect it to coffee, breakfast, we use it as a digestive and we use it during all social gatherings. Given all of that, you need to be mentally prepared for a life without cigarettes. As they are a part of various processes in your life we tend to see them as a necessity. However, that is not the case and you need to realize that you’re still able to enjoy your morning coffee even without smokes.

2. Preparing for a change

Preparation is the most crucial part of quitting process. Depending on how well you plan and prepare, you will have higher or lower chance of succeeding. Preparation can be done in various ways. I always recommend smokers to start by getting rid of cigarettes and everything that reminds them of them. If you have some small rituals (such as smoking and drinking coffee) you might even consider to take a break with coffee until you’re mentally stronger to cope.

3. Think about substitutions

No matter how strong your will may be, it can be problematic to quit smoking all of a sudden. This is especially true for people who have used cigarettes for years and years. This transition period is rocky and some people will find themselves in a situation where they crave cigarettes every half an hour. In order to avoid such situation and make a smooth transition, I recommend using substitutions. E-cigarettes based on e-juice are one of the best ways to reduce your cravings. Although they are still smoking, they

are nowhere near when it comes to addictiveness and health impact. Other substitutions may include patches and chewing gums.

4. Surround yourself with people who do not smoke

The first time you started smoking it was most likely with individuals who were smokers themselves. After time you got used to the idea of smoking alone and yet, you still find it comfortable when smoking with others. In fact, when you smoke at work, you will likely take breaks with other smokers as you join them outside. Although some people do not realize this, we are affected by smokers in our midst and we are more likely to light a cigarette while with others. An important part of quitting process is to surround yourself with people who do not smoke. This is especially important during parties, social gatherings and when you go out to a bar.

5. Spend time outside

One nifty trick that will help you quit cigarettes is spending more time outside. First of all, this will have a strong positive effect on your brain as you will start inhaling fresh air. Given that this will coincide with you quitting, you will slowly start becoming grateful for this chance to inhale normal air. Spending time outside provides another important benefit. If you’re in a park or someplace relatively secluded, it will be hard to acquire cigarettes. This will allow you to stop smoking (at least for the duration of stay) if you leave tobacco at home. It is common for smokers to smoke more frequently in closed quarters so by going outside, you are putting a stop to this practice.

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