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Fairy Garden Supplies for Valentine’s Day

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Fairy gardens give beautiful and magical places for fairies to visit. By giving the supplies necessary to help your special someone build their own fairy garden, the magic can surround their home with love on more than just Valentine’s Day!

Fairy Garden Supplies for Valentine's Day

Fairy gardens invite magic into a home with tiny figurines surrounded by lush plants. The idea has become quite popular recently and the gift of supplies to design a fairy garden brings couples together as they decide where they want the plants and fairy goodies to reside. Below links to various garden sets, terrariums (planters) and plants help you plan a very special gift for that very special someone!

DIY Fairy Garden Supplies:

Fairy Garden Sets

Each fairy garden set comes with the tiniest figurines you’ve ever seen. Most sets are hand painted and perfect for a terrarium fairy garden.

One of the most beautiful sets fairy sets available comes with tiny benches, a tea set, table, bunny, squirrel, ladybugs, and of course, Bella, whose wings and beautiful flute make every fairy jealous. Each set is hand painted so no two sets look the same. The Pretmanns Fairy Gardens Starter Kit: Miniature Figurine Bella And Friends (14 Pieces Set) will bring fairy magic that stays. Purchase for $26.90 on Amazon by clicking on the picture or link.

38 pieces of wondrous fairy fun! Though this garden set does not include a fairy, it is certain to look inviting to fairies for miles around! Steps and paths along with all the fairy forest, garden friends, and mushroom cottage are certain to bring your loved one joy every time they care for the terrarium plants. The 38 Pcs Tonsiki Miniature Fairy Garden Ornament DIY Dollhouse Kit is $14.69. Click on the picture or link for more information or to purchase the set!

This adorable garden set allows your special someone’s fairy garden to grow! The tiny 8 piece resin set comes with everything necessary to invite the perfect fairy into the garden. The set includes 2 hedgehogs, a mushroom, 2 ducks, a bridge, a sign, and a cottage. The Ginsco Miniature Fairy Garden Dollhouse Villa Style DIY kit is perfect for a small or large terrarium with room to grow, it’s cost effective too! Purchase for $6.99 on Amazon by clicking on the picture or the link.


Amazon offers various plant options for fairy gardens. The two below are my absolute favorite and are perfect for the terrariums found below. The live plants are not Prime eligible.

This terrarium planting kit comes with more than just plants, it also comes with the necessary soil and other wonderful additions to your fairy garden like moss and rocks. The 3 plants are chosen according to the season and are sure to thrive in your valentine’s fairy garden. You can’t beat the Terrarium/Fairy Garden Kit with 3 Plants – Create Your Own Living Terrarium at $14.00 + shipping on Amazon.  Click on the link or picture to purchase this wonderful kit.
Ferns are always beautiful, especially in a beautiful terrarium with a fairy garden. This fern set comes with 5 different ferns which are plenty and perfect for a large terrarium. Purchase the Mini Ferns for Terrariums/Fairy Garden – 5 Different Plants-2″ Pots on Amazon for $14.99 + shipping by clicking on the picture or link.


When building a Fairy Garden, it is important to choose a pot or terrarium to display.  It is possible to use most household pots but why not find something perfect for your loved one. Below are some of my favorites.

This Jumbo size hanging glass terrarium makes a wonderful home for fairies. The 4.5″ opening provides your loved one room to plant and care for the garden, while the glass allows for the garden to be seen from all angles. The globe stands 9″ tall, allowing room for both plants and beautiful fairy decor. The Largest Jumbo Size Glass Globe Terrarium! 9 inches tall! is available for $18.00, simply click on the link or picture.

This beautiful archway terrarium adds to the magical properties fairies bring to our homes. at 8.75″ tall, there is plenty of room for plants and fairies to enjoy. The glass lifts completely off the base to make planting and care easy. Purchase the Archway Glass Terrarium on Amazon for $18.50 by clicking the link or the picture.

A stylish indoor/outdoor hanging pot allows your special someone to hang their fairy garden wherever they choose! This pot has almost an 8″ diameter with no worries about plant height for planting and fairy fun! The white ceramic pot comes with the necessary chain. Purchase the ASSIS Gardening Garden Patio Indoor Outdoor Planters Hanging Decorative Flower Plant Pot (White) for $9.00 on Amazon by clicking on the photo or link.


Sometimes the fun comes by finding the perfect pieces to add to your fairy garden. Below are three of my favorites! Simply click on the photos to get more information!

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