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Find it Game Eww Gross

The Find It Game, Eww Gross, by Identity Games, will put your gag reflex on edge, boost concentration and focus, all while giving you hours of entertainment!

Find It Game Eww Gross

Identity Games has been making innovative, creative, and educational games since 1992.  Each game is quality crafted, and ready for players to giggle and wiggle.  Find it Games is part of their family and will help with focus and concentration.  The Eww Gross Find it Game will keep your child entertained and learning as they look for boogers, chewed gum, fungus, rat droppings, and stinky shoes. Leave it on your coffee table and you might find yourself entertained too!  OMG Goodies is certain this is the top of all hidden object games.

My Thoughts About the Find it Game Eww Gross:

My freshman year in high school Where’s Waldo was huge.  It wasn’t just kids getting into it, teenagers and adults were mind-blown at how easily they missed seeing Waldo, and impressed with those who could find Waldo, without having to try, the first time they looked at one of the books.  The Mesmerizing books gave me a headache from being so busy, but I was hooked the first time I tried. Now there are online games where adults work to find items in cartoon crime scenes, and words in cartoon drawings. Hidden object games will continue for a life time.  Eww Gross and other Find it Games will continue through the ages.

Find It Games, Eww Gross, takes the idea of Waldo to a new level.  There are no silly guys with big round glasses wearing a matching shirt and ski cap. There are 40 gross items for you to find.  I am still looking for fish bones, a litter box, a penny, rat droppings, and smelly armpits.  There is a mystery item too, and if you find that, like I did, you’ll get a mystery prize!

This game is a clear, cylinder with two octagonal end-caps. Inside the cylinder,there are small plastic pellets in six different colors. The items to find are often in colors other than their natural colors.  For instance, the mouse, possum, and skunk are all green, which can get hidden in the green and neutral brown colored pellets. When you expect to be looking for a black and white skunk, it makes the game a whole lot more interesting, and challenging.  Now that I know the what color the items are in, they are a little easier to find. You can shake and tip the game in whatever direction necessary to bring items in the center up to the edges, where you can find them.  Unearthing the cockroach was something to behold!

How do you play?  Just about any way you want to.  An individual can play by themselves by searching for the items.  Two players can take turn using side one, of the included cards, to find items based off of what the card says.  The cards don’t tell you specifically what to look for, but they’ll give you are good idea!  They may say, “Find and item that you’d see at home,” or “Find and item to attach to something.” The player who gathers the most cards, wins. We set a timer.  30 second time is plenty of time.

Two players can also play by using side two of the cards. In this scenario, all of the cards are placed with side two facing up.  Each player will have 10 seconds to find up to three cards that describe and item they find in the Eww Gross cylinder. The cards say things like “Something hard” or “Something Soft”. Once the cards are used, players may then pick up the card and keep it.  The person with the most cards win.

There are as many ways to play Find It Games, Eww Gross – as you can imagine. Find objects you eat.  Find living objects.  Find objects that make you sick.  Find objects that exist because you are sick. Find all the objects Kameo has not yet found!  Whatever way you choose to play, you will definitely have fun!

Find It Game Eww Gross

My 11 year old daughter playing Eww Gross.

I love gross things. I love learning about gross things and looking at gross things.  I don’t like smelling or tasting gross things.  Sometimes, if it is the right gross thing, I like touching gross things.  I’ve come to accept the weirdness I exemplify, my husband and most of the friends, though accepting, would be quite happy if I exemplified this ‘talent’ a little less.  Needless to say, Eww Gross, is awesome!

We are not learning any information about gross things, but we are making it easier to concentrate and to focus on the objects we are looking for.  In therapist terms, (which I had to look up, because I am not a therapist) this is called figure – ground perception.  When we focus on the a certain figure, or the idea of a figure, we are better able to find the figure in a busy background.  For my son, this meant learning to find a yellow colored pencil in a drawer filled with writing implements.  It also meant finding his shoes in a closet filled with shoes. For children who struggle with copying words from the blackboard, or who lose their place often, when reading, a Find It game will help become more successful with tasks such as these.*

I recommend any Find It game for all households, and especially for those with children who may have a hard time with Figure – Ground Perception.  Occupational Therapists may also find this game useful! If you are not into gross things, there are 10 other’s to choose from.

*Find It Games does not make the claims regarding figure- ground perception in this review.  These are my claims, which are based on my experiences watching my son work on his Figure – Ground Perception for a year and discussing the Eww Gross game with an Occupational Therapist.

Connect with Find It Games:

Learn more about Eww Gross and purchase your own, or another Find It game on the Find It Games website. You will also find more ideas of how to play with all of the Find It Games!  You can also purchase Eww Gross on Amazon

Find It Games has graciously agreed to sponsor a Sweepstakes on OMG Goodies.  A single winner will win the Eww Gross game.  You will have hours of fun with your search for all things gross, while strengthening your concentration and focus.  The Sweepstakes will begin April 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM EDT, and end April 22, 2016 at 12:00 AM EDT. We have several entry daily options for you to use! Share with your friends and family! Enter below and don’t forget to read the Sweepstakes Rules!

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  1. Jan Lee

    I’ll use it for pure fun lol, I may try to help my great niece and great nephew find some of the things and see how they react 🙂

  2. Rajee Pandi

    It will be used for both.

  3. Sherry Compton

    I will be used by my grandson for entertainment.

  4. Leela

    It will be used for both.

  5. Abigail

    I think it would be used for entertainment but if it helped my kids in any way with thier concentration or other skills that would be a welcome bonus.

  6. Missy Rumble

    I would use it for pure entertainment, but I bet it would really boost your brain!

  7. Dotty J Boucher

    I would choose Find it Pirates

  8. Laura

    Our Eww Gross game will most likely be used for pure entertainment. 🙂

  9. Deb E

    I’d love to use it for increased perception for the young and the elderly. I think both age groups would get a kick out of the gross things!

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