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Forget your New Year’s Eve Resolutions, Set Realistic Goals Instead

Forget your New Year’s Eve Resolutions, Set Realistic Goals Instead

Happy New Year 2017 Resolutions

Forget your resolutions. Today marks January 1st, 2017. Last night at midnight most everyone popped the champagne, had a few drinks, participated in the ball dropping, maybe beat on some pots and pans, and made New Year’s Eve Resolutions that will never be kept. Now we wake up, maybe a bit hung over, all gun ho on keeping our resolutions, only to let ourselves down in no time flat.

The Time is Now

First, when you want to set a New Year’s resolution most people forget that they have all year. Your resolution does not have to start at the stroke of midnight, you have 364 other days. I will use going to the gym in this post as an example. I just love going to the gym year round and come January first, there is not a machine open. This typically lasts until February or so. Why is this? Because everyone is ready to get healthy, right this very second. Plus the gyms offer great specials and sales in efforts to secure as many yearly memberships as possible. After February, everyone starts missing sessions and come to the end of the month, the gym is nice and quiet and peaceful again.

Second, remember you have all year. Your resolution does not have to be finished by January 2nd. That is just silly thinking. Start small. You did not get out of shape in a day, and it will not take a day to get back in shape. Instead of wasting money at they gym, start daily walking. Also, remember it does not matter how much you work out if you are not eating healthy too. Make sure this is going to be a commitment you are willing to make a part of your daily life before you shell out money. They gym is useless if you are still pretending to eat for 2.

Be Realistic Resolutions

How to Set Realistic Goals

Now how can you make your “resolutions” work? It is so simple. Do not set a New Year’s Eve Resolution. Set realistic goals. An example would be, to sit down and meal plan. There are great apps on your phone like MyFitnessPal. You input what you are eating daily. It calculates how many calories you eat and what you actually have to do to lose weight. Be honest with yourself. Have a friend help you be accountable.

Work your goals backward. If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, remember you have 365 days to do so. Start by losing 3 or 4 pounds a month. Break that down again to 1 pound a week, or close to that. Not only is this the healthy way, it allows you to have goals within your reach. Remember, you did not gain 40 pounds overnight, you won’t lose them that way either.

Also, reward yourself. When you reach the first 10 pounds lost, do something special for yourself. It does not matter if it is a piece of cake or a new piece of gear to work out in. After your reward, jump back on the wagon and start on the next goal. By keeping goals, you are not going to feel as if you wasted your time on a resolution. You will soon become ecstatic over the progress you are making, one day at a time.

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