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Galaxy S6 8500mAh Battery Case by ZeroLemon

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The ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 8500mAh Extended Battery Case extends the life of your phone to get you through the day and more!

Galaxy S6 8500mAh Battery Case by ZeroLemon

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ZeroLemon sells Apple, Samsung, and LG battery cases as well as external batteries for the other brand phones on Amazon. The Galaxy S6 8500mAh Extended Battery Case keeps my usually almost-dead phone alive! Great technology excels on OMG Goodies and this product is one you don’t want to miss!

My Thoughts on the ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 8500mAh Battery Case:

Phone batteries are my nemeses. Time away from a charger regularly means an eaten battery life and a faster-than-should-be death just as I need to use the phone. How much I use the phone only matters when it comes to the last 30%; sitting dormant in my purse still has it oozing power into the Android operating system faster than you can say, “Get me a charger.”

My husband doesn’t have that problem with his iPhone. This is an Android problem. Sadly, I like Android; I even prefer it. I’ve tried external batteries and they work. In fact, they’ve been my go-to for a while.  I’m not fond of the necessary cords, but they do what they are intended to do. If I could keep my husband from taking the batteries for his phone that he claims has plenty of life, my phone would never die — especially if I kept at least one battery charged.

ZeroLemon claims it extends a phone’s life by 230%

This ZeroLemon battery case holds more energy than my best external battery. 8500mAh is nothing to shake a stick at.  With a full charge, there is no doubt it could keep my phone running for at least two days, probably a bit more.

The soft silicone case covers my phone and the battery in order to protect both from falls and other mishaps. The fit is not tight, but it strikes me as being quite protective. The silicone case includes a cutout for charging the battery and phone consecutively, as well as for the headphone jack and camera, and also provides a USB port to charge other devices. On the back, you’ll find a button so you can control when your phone is charging. Of course, you can leave it on and let your phone draw power as needed too. The useful LED indicator lights let you know when it’s time to charge the battery.

Hook your phone up to the battery (which can be used externally if desired) by using the small phone/battery connector provided. Simply make certain to follow the labels on the connector when connecting the phone to the battery. It won’t work if you plug it in backward!

The Brick

This battery case replaces my external battery charger. Most days I’m home and can throw my phone on the charger without difficulty. Those days, my preferred ultra thin case resides on my phone because the ZeroLemon case is quite heavy and triples the weight of the phone at 8.47 oz alone. However, when I know I have a long day away from home or am on vacation, this battery case, which we lovingly call “The Brick”, is the resident protector of my phone’s life — both physically and metaphysically.

Connect with ZeroLemon:

ZeroLemon offers an 180-day guarantee and because the case is sold on Amazon it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Purchase your ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 8500mAh Battery Case by clicking on the pictured link below.

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