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Get your baby the Baby,Baby Book today!

Get your baby the Baby,Baby Book today! Your little one will enjoy reading this book and playing with it time and time again.

Get your baby the Baby,Baby Book today!

Author Diane Stortz had written a cure book for your little one called Baby, Baby. I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Baby,Baby –

Having a little one, we as parents have to teach them so much. One of the biggest teaching lessons we have to do is to help them learnt o read. Studies have shown that the younger you get your children interacting with books, the better off they are when it comes to learning. In our house, we sit with our little guy every day and read books. He loves his books and will sit by himself and just look at the pictures in them. When I got a chance to review Baby,Baby I was excited.

When we got Baby, Baby, our little guy was excited he received a new book. He sat right down and wanted the book. I sat it in his lap and he started to turn the pages. He had the biggest smile on his face. He got to a page that has a little mirror (non-glass mirror) and he looked up and smiled looked back down and I took the image above of him looking at himself.

Our little guy loves to watch movies about babies. He loves to watch videos of himself even more. Having a book that is full of babies and a mirror allows him to look at himself and other babies. When we read it to him the cute short poems and easy that he follows easy and tries to say them. He is only 16 months old and is at the stage that he repeats most everything we say. To see him repeating words made me a happy nana.

Your baby will love this book as much as our little guy does! ~Jess

If you have a little guy that loves to read, I suggest you head over to amazon and order your little one this book today! It makes a great gift for the Holiday Season as well!


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