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My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

My Goal for 2017: My health and happiness are going to be a year-long goal, and not something that will break a few weeks in or even a few months in.

My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

Why do I have this goal? A while ago I did a post on a cute Colossal Kidney Plush. I also let everyone know that I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Chronic Kidney Disease. It has lead to me making some life changes. These life changes have affected my entire life and the outlook I have on live. It has lead to my goals for 2017.

My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

First, having a disease like CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) really changes your life. There are two ways you can look at it. The disease can control your life, or you can control the disease. I decided I was not going to allow this disease to run my life and how I feel. I needed to get out in front of this and take my life back!

The first thing I have learned about having CKD is what I can and can not eat. There is a list of stuff to stay away from and a list of stuff I can eat. With this comes a challenge. It is a good one but at times it leaves me scratching my head. If I want potatoes of any type, I need to soak them in water for a while to allow the bad stuff to soak out of them.Then, I can not eat out unless I find a place that offers healthy choices. Do not even get me started on chocolate… yeah, it is something that is not good for the kidneys! UGH!!! Can you imagine!

Trying to live without chocolate is hard!

With this disease,I have lost my appetite. To some, that is a good thing. I have dropped 30 pounds due to this. With this though comes the loss of other things. I am not eating what I need to give my body the nutrients that I need. It leaves me not feeling well and I have no energy. Not eating is not good for the body, mind or soul. How can you lead a healthy life if you are not giving your body what it needs?

Then,I started to notice that I crave things I normally do not eat. One food item I do not like is onions, yet I have a craving for them. Come to find out they are a super food per say for kidney patients. Another is cherries. While I crave dried cherries. I can eat them till my mouth goes raw from them. With that though comes other issues.

How to balance out my Goals for 2017:

I needed to come up with a way to balance food, lose weight and staying healthy. I had to figure out how to get myself to eat the healthy food and how to keep away from the bad stuff. Another thing I  also needed to do is figure out how to work in simple exercises.

I also needed to figure a way to get myself to eat. Some of the simple tricks are to watch videos on recipes. Facebook has a ton, YouTube does too. Or you can be like most and watch food cooking shows on television. Once I started to do this, I noticed my mouth would just water over some of it. It made start to think of what to cook and what I wanted to eat. Problem one partly solved.

Watching food recipe videos also helps you to come up with new recipes for your family!

The next thing I needed to figure out was a simple schedule and tracker to watch my diet and what I took in. I started out with making a menu every Friday Night. My family would sit down and pick what we wanted to eat. I also include meals my teens can cook to help them learn amazing life skills. Once I had dinner done, I worked on a breakfast schedule for myself. At times it was as simple as toast with an egg or a blueberry muffin.

My next step was shopping. I would check my pantry to see what I had. Then I would only buy what we needed. No extra foods except a few healthier snacks that are friendly to my kidneys like popcorn, cracker’s, and a few other things. That took care of a few things in one. I was eating and it was all healthy food. Plus I was leading my family by example to eat healthily.

Next, was to get active. For Christmas of 2016, I got my daughters the Simply Fit Board. I was shocked that this item actually works. It is fun and a challenge all in one! I use it for 30 minutes a day in the privacy of my own room. Not only has it helped to tone, it gives me energy and makes my body feel better.

How I will continue this Goal:

Lastly, most people have issues with keeping a resolution. That is why I didn’t want to turn this into one. It was not a resolution to become healthy. It is something I need to do for my family and most of all for myself. I want to watch my kids grow up. And I want to be there for their special moments like getting married. When it comes time for my grandchildren, I want to be happy and healthy. I want to be able to enjoy them and be there for their lives. My goal is more than just getting fit, it is about living a healthy life so I can live longer and be here for my kids and all the important people in my life.

Keep an eye out for updates to see how I am doing with my goals through 2017!





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