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Grab & Go Meals with belVita Biscuits Help Start My Day

Grab & Go Meals with belVita Biscuits help start my day and makes them easier! Help jump start your day with these yummy belVita Biscuits today!

Grab & Go Meals with belVita Biscuits Help Start My Day

belVita Biscuits are a great way to start your day. They now offer new flavors to help give yourself the energy and nutrition you need to start your day. I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

About belVita Biscuits:

Ever since I was diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) I have had to worry about what I eat and to make myself eat more. When I first heard about belVita Biscuits and what they offered, I had to give them a try. I headed over to Walmart to pick up two different flavors that they offered. I picked up belVita Breakfast Sandwiches Vanilla Yogurt & belVita Biscuits Blueberry.

Walmart keeps the belVita Biscuits in the cracker isle. You can not miss them! The variety they offer is great!

When I brought them home, my kids wanted to eat them as snacks. I had to stop them and told them they are for breakfast only! That is when I need a pick me up. I have to drive my kids into town to be bussed into school. Some morning I do not have the energy I need to get moving. At times I rely on coffee to give me the energy I need. A couple hours after a cup of coffee I fee the crash coming. That feeling is not a good thing when you have a 19-month-old that is full of energy.

I truly love the belVita Breakfast Sandwiches Vanilla Yogurt. They are by far my favorite breakfast food!

When I started to eat belVita Biscuits with a glass of milk and a banana, I had the energy I needed to keep me going through lunch. There are no hunger pains in between my belVita Biscuit and lunch. I learned that pairing your belVita Biscuit with a  glass of milk and a fruit gives me 4 hours of energy that I need. I’m blown away at how delicious they taste!

The vanilla yogurt is so amazing! It is an ideal way to start my day. There are two sandwiches in the package. You will feel full after you eat these. The Blueberry is delicious as well. It has four pieces in one pack. Each one of these will fill you up in the morning! Just make sure to drink 8 ounces of milk and have a fruit too. You will not snack between breakfast and lunch when you do that!

Use ibotta to purchase belVita Biscuits:

I use an app called ibotta. If you do not use this app, you need to. You can earn money on products you buy for your family. belVita Biscuits are actually on ibotta. You can buy them and earn cash back. If yo are not a member of Ibotta, sign up today with this link ibotta and the referral code qwaetjx and earn $10.00!  How can you beat that? Save money on delicious breakfast biscuits like belVita Biscuits and get free money!

Check out belVita Biscuits at Walmart

If you want to test belVita Biscuits you can check out the belVita Biscuit In Store demonstration in selected stored on January 7th or January 8th, 2016 between 12:30 pm – 6:30 pm! Make sure to check your local Walmart to test out these delicious belVita Biscuits and purchase some for your family today!


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  1. Regina

    I love belVita biscuits! I usually get them at Costco because our family likes them a lot. I pack them in my husbands lunch and he has them on his first break. He is able to go several hours without getting hunger pains. He likes blackberries with them. Thanks for sharing your experience, oh yeah, i love the pumpkin ones!!

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