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Great gift ideas for Dogs this Holiday Season

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Are you ready for great gift ideas for dogs this holiday season? You will love the items on this list as much as my dogs do!

Great gift ideas for Dogs this Holiday Season

This holiday I wanted to put a list together of great gifts for dogs. Below are a few of the great items I suggest you gift your dogs! I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

Great gift ideas for Dogs this Holiday Season

Gifts from Loving Pets:

Le Bol:

Like humans, dogs deserve to eat out of nice bowls. Loving Pet offers some great options for your dog. I had the chance to review these dog bowls and I love them. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. These bowls make a great gift for your furbaby or doggo this Christmas. Make sure to get one in their favorite color! It will make food time much better!

Houndation Dog Treats:

Houndations are such cute little treats. They are ideal for little dogs, puppies, or to use as a treat when you are training your puppy. We have a new Belgian Malinois puppy and these treats are amazing when it comes to training her. I must say it’s rather funny when we are training her. Our other two dogs want the treats so they are learning the new tricks too. My husband laughs when he is working with the puppy and the two older dogs are at his feet wanting the treats. That should tell you how good these treats are.

MaryJane’s Thoughts:

Having pups as family members is rewarding so we reward them with treats they enjoy. We decided to try Houndations Small Dog Training Treats in flavors Duck & Lamb. These treats come in a resealable pouches to keep their freshness and has an awesome little carabiner hook to attach the pouch to your liking while at home or on the go. Our small pups seem to enjoy our little training sessions with these Houndations Small Dog Training Treats & get pretty excited when we reach for them.


Evangers Dog Food is some great food that our dogs love. It comes in dry and wet food. Our English Bulldog loves this food over his other food. He knows where we put it and will sit under it and wait till we feed him this. I know some will say he is a dog and doesn’t know better. I beg to differ. His normal food is on the floor next to his water and he knows that. He will walk past it to find this food! It has the approval from Chester!

Against the Grain Dog Food

Against the Grain Dog Food is another good dog food that my dogs like. As a pup parent, I like the fact its 100% real meat and not full of grains. When we got our new puppy, Athena. My husband wanted to give her wet and dry food since Belgians have a tendency to have high food drives and metabolisms. Feeding them a food that isn’t packed with grains is a must! with this one, it has everything we need and want in it to help her to become a great healthy dog.

Bulliebone Spin-a-Bone

Bulliebone offers a toy that stands up to my dogs. It is the Spin-a-Bone.

As some may know, we have a bulldog. He loves his toys and will chew for hours on end. Trying to find a toy that stands up to him is tough to do. With the Bullibone Spin-a-Bone, he is still chewing on it a few weeks later!


For a while now, Whimzees have been the ONLY treat we use to clean our dog’s teeth besides brushing their teeth, As a dog mom, I like I can get them small enough for our beagle mix and bigger for the huge mouth bulldog we have. They work well.

Paby Pet Tracker

Paby Pet Tracker is a new way to keep an eye on your dog. It is ideal if they get lost and allows you to find them on your smartphone! I love that the container Paby comes in is a collapsible dog bowl. Its ideal for on the go as is Paby.

Paby goes on the collar of your dog after you have it set up and charged. If you take your dog out and he or she gets loose and you can’t find them, you just open your app and it helps locate your pupper or doggo. I love this, especially with a new puppy. Belgian Malinois are known for getting out and not too many people will bring them back. This allows us to find her.

Every dog owner needs this!


Pet Beds from Petlinks

Petlinks offers a vast variety of products. One of the great items is dog beds. When you have 3 dogs like I do, you think you need a bed for each. When in reality you need one and allow them to fight over it. I laugh at times because two dogs will be using it as a pillow or I find one of my non-doggo children laying in them. I was very wrong when I thought one bed was all we needed. Between my non-doggo kids and my doggo’s I need at least 9 dog beds. the Petlinks beds would be the one I would buy for all my kids. However there are other places to find dog beds that might fit your pets, you might be want to Visit JugDog.co.uk to see their best rated list.

MaryJane’s Thoughts:

At first glance, this bed appears to be another pretty doggie bed but to touch it is another story. Petlinks designed this particular bed to ease a pup’s aches and pains. It’s filled with gel memory foam for coolness & comfort to relieve stress on aching joints and muscles. It also has a machine washable cover which is very pretty. First thing I did was firmly press down on the bed with my palm & it seemed to be comforting. With that said I laid down and used it as a pillow… ahhh.

This is a great way to pamper your loved fur baby. It’s comfortable, cozy, plush, soft, and pretty. My toy poodle, Sassy, claimed it straight away and seems to really find comfort laying in it (her snoring begins within minutes). We’ve previously gotten her 3 other beds but she always ends up either laying on the floor next to them, laying on the carpet or switches up her positions throughout the night but not with this bed. Sassy stays in her Petlinks Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Pet Bed ALL night, yup looks like she’s finally at ease.

Quick Bath Wipes:

A couple of months ago, my husband and I got our daughter a Belgian Malinois puppo. She is such a good little mommy to her pup. She keeps her clean and hates when Athena gets dirty. I have caught her time and again wiping her off with a damp rag. When I had a chance to review the Quick Bath Wipes, these were ideal for her and Athena.

These wipes are super easy to use. You pull the flap up on the wipes and pull one out at a time. The flap resticks tot he package to make sure they do not dry out. They are made from International Veterinary Sciences. My daughter then wipes her dog down with it to get off whatever dirt she has on her fur. If you have been looking for a wipe that is pet friendly, look no further! These are the best around and made with your dog in mind!


Hear Doggy Toys

Hear Doggy Toys are ideal for all dogs. I like that they don’t make a ton of noise. The noise they do make can still be heard by dogs! I love how Hear Dog Toys offers a variety of sizes. You can pick one that goes with your pet. Unless your dog is like mine—that means all the toys belong to just one dog and they fight over them all day long and into the night.

You know it’s a great toy when your dog loves it and fights other dogs over it. Or that could just be a territory thing… We will just go with the fact my dogs love them!

Go Dog Fun

Go Dog Fun offers dog toys that my doggos love to play with! One thing I really love about Go Dog Fun Toys is that they stand up to my dogs when it comes to breaking. I have an English Bulldog, Belgian Malinois, and a beagle mix who all have a high toy drive. I cannot tell you how many cheap toys we have purchased that our doggos have killed. It really starts to hurt the wallet when these toys do not last more than a few days.

These balls, however, are amazing. I love seeing how my bulldog will play with the big one and my Mali will play with the small one. Next thing I know, they switch. I love my dogs and I love each and every one of these toys listed in this article. Most* items can be found on Chewy.com or at your local store!

*Paby can be ordered through their online store.

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