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Budget friendly grind and brew coffee machine – Black & Decker CM5000B

Looking for an ideal coffee maker to match your new apartment and never-ending coffee needs? Search no more. Find out about the new Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Coffee Machine in the detailed review below. This is an ideal coffee machine for use in the home, but a coffee shop would be better-suited sourcing their coffee machines from somewhere like Iron and Fire.

With multiple functions and programmable features, this coffee machine is the epitome of class and sophistication which you have been looking for. Jump off the bed in the morning to get a steaming cup of fresh coffee ready to be consumed. This appliance is a necessary addition to the many others in your kitchen.

Budget friendly grind and brew machine - Black & Decker CM5000B
Who is the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Coffee Machine Meant For?

While it is the ideal machine for your kitchen and home, you can also use this coffee in your office. With access to fresh and delicious coffee at any instant, this is the perfect way to raise the performance of your employees.

Coffee fanatics and addicts will adore this machine too. Apart from being easy to use and extremely stylish, you can have the perfect cup of tasty coffee that you have been dreaming of. A great help to mothers, this machine can reduce the work of preparing many cups of coffee in the morning.

What are the Features of the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine?

Easy to View Water Window

You can easily fill the water used to brew the coffee while viewing inside the water window. Now there is no worry of spills, and you are notified whenever the machine needs a refill.

QuickTouch Programming Panel

With a number of programs and functions in the programming panel, you can easily find the desired program. Operating the programs is quite simple, too. By pressing the clearly indicated buttons for the required function, your coffee maker is ready to go. The various programs include Auto Brew, Auto Shut Off, strength, grind and on/off. The backlight displays the time and program that you have chosen.

The Auto Brew and Auto Off functions help you brew the coffee automatically and it shuts off when not in use to save energy. You can also choose the strength of the coffee that you would like to brew, from mild to strong.

Built-in Grinder

This is one of the most important features of the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine. You do not have to invest in a separate grinder for grinding the coffee beans before the brewing process. The built-in grinder finely grinds the coffee beans to perfection and according to the desired consistency required for a perfectly tasty cup of coffee. Consumer reports give this machine a good star rating.

The Sneak- a- Cup Feature

This is another useful feature of the coffee machine. If you want access to a cup of coffee while the brewing process is ongoing, the Sneak- a- Cup feature allows you to stop the brewing process for a while so you can pour your coffee in the cup.

Permanent Filter

The bronze tone permanent filter is attached to the built-in grinder and it efficiently extracts all the harmful substances from the coffee grounds. Another plus, it is easy to clean! The residues can easily be removed from the machine and the filter can be effortlessly washed and cleaned.

Carafe and Carafe Plate

The Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine includes a nonstick and “Keep Hot” carafe plate. While you can brew a certain number of cups of coffee at a time, storing it in the Glass Duralife Carafe is quite ideal. It keeps the coffee hot and fresh for many hours. Plus, the carafe plate does not stick to the carafe, making it easy to pour and handle. It also helps keep the carafe and your coffee hot for a long period of time.

Stylish Design

As I mentioned earlier, the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine speaks of nothing but class and sophistication. The black and smooth design of the machine shows elegance. If you are looking for an appliance that can match your kitchen décor, this coffee machine is ideal.

Compact and Portable

The dimensions of the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine are 10” by 13.5” by 15.5 and weighs 9.5 lbs, making it extremely light weight. Thus, it can be easily moved from one place to another and can fit anywhere.

What are the Downsides to the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine?

This coffee machine can be a bit confusing for the beginners. Possessing a lot of programmable options, it is really important to press the functions after attaining some knowledge or practice to attain the perfect cup of coffee.

The repairs to the grinder or brewer are difficult because they are part of the same machine. If one breaks, the other is out of commission during the repair process. Hence, you must use the machine with utter care and attention to avoid damages of any kind.

If this scares you, you can view more Combo machines with grinding feature with better functionalities.

Overall Verdict

A pre-prepared cup of coffee in the morning and easy maintenance makes the Black & Decker CM5000B Grind and Brew Machine a must-have in every household. The $60 investment for a grinder plus brewer is definitely worth it. With an overall 4-star rating and satisfactory customer reviews, this coffee machine is definitely worth the purchase and experience.

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  1. Brenda

    I have one, very easy to use. I am using it from last one and half years without any problems. Also i like mostly Black & Decker service, they do in low price, which helps to maintain the machine easily.

  2. Justin

    My Fathers B’day is coming up in few days and he loves coffee. I am thinking to give him a brewer, one of my friend suggested me kcup brewer but i think a grind brew machine will work better. As he can use any coffee beans and don’t need to work much. But was confused which one should i buy and this Black & Decker CM5000B looks effective.

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