Guide Guidelines

Why be in a Guide? For many reasons, number one being visibility. Our guides are featured in the sidebar and the menu ALL year round. These are so easily accessible for our readers, they are bound to look at them. People have birthdays and baby showers every day. Early bird shoppers are always looking for a good holiday gift.


Guide Guidelines

There’s always someone looking to be a little bit healthier and a little bit cleaner. Back to school is getting harder and harder especially as kids get older. We often find ourselves restocking on supplies each semester. All of these things are GREAT reasons to advertise year-round. So how do our guides work? Here is the details.

  • A company may be on more than one guide with one product. However, it is preferred that there is different products on each guide. We think it’s wise to show a company’s variety and to show it’s TRULY great for each particular guide.
  • Competing companies may be featured in the same guide, this is a good time to pick your best product and show why it may be better! We love each brand for various reasons and try our best to keep open minds. Ultimately it’s not up to us, it’s up to the consumers!
  • Each guide is promoted in the main slider within it’s appropriate season.
  • The side slider shows all of this year’s guides as well as the page titled Guides. These only update ONCE a year as the next season comes.
  • Your company gets normal advertisement with each review/sweepstakes and that is a great time to shine as an individual brand, but the slider goes for the entire season of the guide. Your  review is visible longer just by being part of the guide.
  • While there are a few off seasons that may have recent posts featured in the main slider, remember how visible the guides are.
  • If you don’t feel you belong on guide and are wondering why we asked your brand to be on one, ask us! We may have thought of a new way you can advertise!

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