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Halloween Candy buyback program sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System

This Halloween check out the Halloween Candy buyback program sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System


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Its that time of  year our kids get so excited to dress up and go door to dor to get a bunch of candy! How wbout this year you check out the buyback program from Spry Dental Defence System.

For the parents that don’t like thier kids having a lot of candy, Spry Dental Defence Systems is joingin forces with local dental offices to buy back that unwanted candy!

As a mom with kids in braces and as well as kids with a worry of having bad teeth, this gives me a chance to teach them about good dental health and how the dental world can help  durring a busy candy time of year. The positve of this is great. Not only does it show kids that you can still go dress up and have fun, but you can get healthy rewards.

So make sure this year when your child has to much candy for themself that you check into the Halloween Candy buyback program sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System.

To check out more on the Halloween buy back, head on over ~> HERE <~

After checking the site above, I was very sad to find out that in my town there was no buy back dental office. Make sure to click above to see if there is a buyback near you! If not talk to your dental office about being apart of it!

About Halloween Candy buyback program sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System-

Goblins, ghosts, and candy, oh my! The most ghoulish day of year, Halloween, is about to arrive. Why not save your children’s teeth and help a good cause? As a parent, teaching a child to give back is essential, and this Halloween will be a perfect opportunity to do so!

The annual Halloween Candy Buy Back program is back to shine for another year. In 2005, the organization was founded as a way to get kids’ excess Halloween candy “off the streets.” The program has since teamed up with Spry and Operation Gratitude; together they will partner with dentist offices nationwide to collect children’s Halloween candy to send to the troops overseas along with toothbrushes and necessary oral care items. This simple act of kindness not only gives soldiers a “Halloween away from home,” but it enables children to exchange their Halloween candy and receive a token in return, whether it be a new toothbrush, a dollar per pound of candy exchanged, or other small prizes provided by participating dental practices.

For the first time this year, the Halloween Candy Buy Back program will be sponsored by Spry Dental Defense System. Spry products, which include gums, mints and other oral care products, utilize the ingredient xylitol, which is a naturally-occurring sugar alternative that has amazing dental health benefits. This year, Spry will be teaming up with participating dental practices to offer their healthy Halloween treats and other oral care products to give children as an incentive in exchange for their extra Halloween candy.

There is nothing more exciting to a child than putting on a costume and collecting candy every October. This Halloween, we want your family to experience the same excitement, but with an even more fulfilling aftermath! With that said, I would love to work with you to spread the word on the Halloween Candy Buy Back program teaming up with Spry. I would be happy to provide additional information as well as Spry product samples for you to try out with your family this Halloween.

To purchase Spry candy and gum, head on over ~> HERE <~

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