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Halloween Craft Ideas from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

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Halloween Craft Ideas from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

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Frugal DIY Craft Ideas for Halloween:

Build a creepy centerpiece to tie all your Halloween décor together. Whether you’re throwing a monster bash, setting up a haunted house for trick-or-treaters, or simply decorating for your favorite holiday, these spooky bouquets will be an eye-catching addition! Best of all, you can source everything you need to put together these fright-inducing bouquets at Dollar Tree. Here are the items you’ll need (shop for items below or visit one of our stores):

7¾” Glass Cylinder Vase
Vase Filler (ex. Halloween Candy or Tissue Paper)
14″ Black and Purple Artificial Rose Bushes
14″ Glittery Halloween Branches
Plastic Ping Pong Eyeballs
30×72″ Black Creepy Cloths
Glittery Feathered Foam Crows
Craft Glue
Fill a glass vase about halfway with orange and black wrapped candies, tissue paper, or any filler of your choice. Tie together your favorite black, purple, and orange floral bushes to create the bouquet and insert them into the vase.

Next comes the fun part! Glue on faux eyeballs to the center of as many flowers as you’d like. Surround your vase with creepy cloth and add crows, rats, or candy on top. Create an arrangement for each of your tables to complete the look.
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Create this eye-catching deco mesh photo prop frame for your next Halloween party! It’s spooky simple to make and everyone will love posing behind it for pictures. Grab your craft tools and a few Dollar Tree supplies, and get started on this picture-perfect Halloween party must-have.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

One Black Foam Board
One Straight Edge Cutter
Stapler with Staples
Two Rolls Black Deco Mesh
Three Large Glitter Spiders
Three 2-pk. Medium Glitter Spiders
Three 2-pk. Giant Googly Eyes
1-pk. Hot Glue Sticks
Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Cut out the middle of the foam board, leaving a 5″ border around the edges to create the frame. Reserve middle of foam board for other awesome craft projects!
2. Take first roll of deco mesh and unroll 2″. Staple the middle of the unrolled mesh to one corner of the frame.
3. Holding the roll, unroll another 5″ of mesh, then (creating an arch) staple that to the frame approximately 2″ from your last staple (so about 3″ are up in an arch sticking out from the frame).
4. Still holding the roll, unroll another 5″ of mesh, turn the roll 180°, then (creating a “turned arch”) staple that to the frame approximately 2″ from your last staple (so about 3″ are in the turned arch sticking out from the frame — this is what creates the deco mesh bubble effect).
5. Alternate arches and turned arches around the frame, using two full rolls of deco mesh. Secure googly eyes and spiders, or any other creepy thing you want, using hot glue. Secure frame to a stand, or have guests hold the frame while they take pictures.

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Create this adorable and affordable Halloween party favor or trick-or-treat handout! This easy-to-make craft is perfect for kids of all ages. Shop Dollar Tree for brown paper lunch bags and your choice of tasty treats to hide inside. Hand out the cutest favors at your next Halloween party or be the house that gives the coolest treats in the neighborhood!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Rubber Bands
Ribbon, String, or Yarn
Sticks (from your yard)
Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Create the broom’s bristles by cutting one of the paper bags in ½” strips from the very top where the bag opens to the very bottom, stopping where the bag sits flat on the table.
2. Lay the cut paper bag flat on the table. Place the uncut paper bag on top of the cut paper bag, so that the bottoms are sitting on top of one another.
3. Fill the uncut paper bag about ¼ full with the candy and treats of your choice.
4. Place the stick in the middle of the uncut paper bag. You may want to wrap the end of the stick in cellophane wrap to keep it from touching unwrapped candy.
5. Bring the loose strips of the cut paper bag up and around the sides of the uncut paper bag. Hold both bags tightly against the stick about halfway up the bag, and secure with a rubber band.
6. Tie a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon tightly around the paper.

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