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Hapari Swimwear Tankini Swimdress

With Hapari Swimwear comes style, flare, and confidence!

Hapari Swimwear is the place to go when you want to find the perfect swimwear for summer.  The Oriental Poppies Seaside Tankini and Swimdress gives you both style and versatility where other suits don’t. Get ready for summer with OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts on Hapari Swimwear Oriental Poppies Tankini and Swimdress:

For me, trying to find the perfect swimwear is like trying to find an unbruised strawberry at the bottom of a pile of strawberries.  It’s possible, but the search yields very few results. Some are better than others, and finding the perfect berry is somewhat of a miracle; however, when you do find that perfect berry (i.e. swimwear) you treasure it forever.

Until now I have altered every single one of my swimwear pieces.  I have added fabric to my bustline – not all of us want to show cleavage.  I have sewn straps down into the swimwear to change the halter top to a criss-cross or tank.  I have moved accents like buttons, etc, so they hit my petite body in the right place.  I have even sewn cups into swimwear to keep me covered! It is my swimwear that makes me glad I have at least basic sewing abilities.  However, with Hapari Swimwear, I have not had to thread a needle or cut a string.  Hapari Swimwear is perfect out of the package.  Perfect style. Perfect fit.  Perfect for me.

Hapari offers many different styles of suits, from bikinis to tankinis, to one-pieces and separates.  There are v-necks, scoop-necks, swim shirts, swim shorts, skirted bottoms, high-waisted bottoms, and bikini bottoms.  Hapari offers both regular and plus sizes.  They literally have everyone covered!

I was excited to find the Oriental Poppies Seaside Tankini and Swimdress option.  This swimwear is exactly what I need in a swimsuit!  I love the print of the poppies, but even more I love the style of the swimwear.  The versatility of being able to change the length of the tankini via the ties on the sides, as well as being able to choose my strap style  all while staying covered in the bust was HUGE for me!  I went ahead and added the high-waisted tummy tuk bottoms in black with my Swimdress.

When I received my shipment I was so excited.  I tried everything on and it fit exactly as I needed it to.  One of the features I was unsure about, but I have since discovered I love, is the way the straps Hapari Swimwear Tankini Swimdressattach to the swimwear.  This swimwear comes with the option to be strapless, so, of course, the straps come completely off.  I had expected that to mean a hook at the back and the front for each strap.  Instead, the straps come with a hook at the front and loops on the back of the suit to tie the strap to.  Yeah, my thought was, “WHAT?”  Then I realized, I get to choose the length of the strap – which won’t self-adjust while swimming like other adjustable straps do, and I can still change it as I desire by re-tying the strap.  Genius.  I am able to have a shorter strap, and just let the excess strap hang inside the back of the swimwear, where it remains unnoticed.

A few days after receiving my swimwear, I found myself at a Hapari Swimwear Tankini Swimdressresort near Palm Springs.  My husband had to be in work conferences all day.  I, however, got to be at the pool all day.  Yup, me, my Hapari Swimwear, and all the swimming and sun I could handle.  Let’s not forget the drink service! Seriously, best two days ever!

My Hapari Swimwear surpassed my expectations.  At this point, I had my Hapari Swimwear Oriental Poppies Seaside Tankini and Swimdress adjusted as a swimdress.  With it adjusted this way, I still had plenty of rouching available to help disguise everything I wanted disguised!  (In fact, on my 5’2″ frame, the suit could, in theory, reach to my lower, mid-thigh, and I would still feel confident in my appearance!)


While swimming I noticed:

  1.  The swimdress did not float around my bust.  For the most part, it stayed down where I wanted it to stay.  I never needed to pull it back down over my back-side.  Win #1 for Hapari!
  2. The top of the swimwear never needed adjustment!  I kept checking the neckline and not once did I feel the need to pull the top up.  In fact, it was while I was in the pool that I realized how effective the flexible stays are that are found in the side of the “bra” area of the Hapari Swimdress.  They literally keep the “bra”, and, by default, the top, in place leaving you supported and covered!  Win # 2 for Hapari!

    Hapari Swimwear Tankini Swimdress

    Hapari Swimwear also offers pockets (shown next to the flexible stay) to add their silicone illusions (not pictured) for extra support.

  3. The High-Waisted Tummy Tuk bottoms stayed where I wanted them to – up and down – and were comfortable from moment one.

    There was no tight feeling, or super loose feeling while wearing the bottoms, and they appeared to smooth out my lower belly appropriately.  Most importantly, I didn’t feel like I needed to adjust them at all.  With other suits I either feel like my bottoms are becoming water-logged and falling off, or they creep up and don’t keep my backside covered.  This was never the case with The High-Waisted Tummy Tuk bottoms.  Win #3 for Hapari!

I adjusted the swimdress into a tankini and various lengths. Each time I found it to stay where I put it with minimal floating.  In two days I NEVER had to adjust the neckline – which was not being held up by tight straps, but instead by a well-designed suit.  I was always able to feel covered and have confidence in my appearance – something I usually do not have while wearing swimwear – especially without having made alterations.  I honestly did not know swimwear like this existed.  Even more importantly, it is a well-made product – the seams are strong and the fabric is high quality. It is the type of swimwear you buy because you know you will get years of use out of it.  Hapari will forever have my swimwear approval!

Connect with Hapari:

To learn more about The Oriental Poppies Seaside Tankini and Swimdress, or to purchase your own Hapari Swimwear, visit the website and receive 10% off by using the Promo Code below.

hapari swimwear Tankini Swimdress

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