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Haunting Stories from Prescott Arizona

Haunting Stories from Prescott Arizona draws people from across America to see if they will get their own paranormal moment that they can tell people about.

Haunting Stories from Prescott Arizona

Anyone who knows me, knows that ghosts and paranormal anything catches my attention. When my family moved to the Prescott AZ area, I started to hear ghost stories about some of the places. I wanted to see what I could drudge up and asked locals about some haunting stories they had. I was surprised with some of the stories I was hearing. Some of them gave me chills and others left me with my mouth wide open. Several of the ghost stories Prescott locals shared with me are below.

Haunting Stories from Prescott Arizona :

Hotel St. Micheal:

Hotel St. Micheal

Hotel St. Micheal by Rcelayaphotography

Photo of Watson Lake by Rcelayaphotography. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram . You can also purchase his photos. For prices please email them on their facebook page!

Marie, a housekeeper at Hotel St. Micheal, had an experience in 2007 that she would forever remember.  Marie was doing her daily cleaning. When she went into Room 242 she ended up locked in the room on the second floor of Hotel St. Micheal. She says her phone said she was locked in the room for 5 hours, but it was actually 5 minutes. Nothing in the room worked, not the ac unit, the television nor the phone.

She tired to use the phone and was unable to get calls to go through. She started to bang on the door but no one could hear her. At that point, she started to try to figure other ways to get people to hear her. She thought about breaking the window because it wouldn’t open. About this same time, another worker cleaning on the other side said she though Marie was “abducted” into someone’s room because she heard a blood curdling scream. She managed to get the door open from the outside  and once she came in the bathroom light came back on, the air conditioner came back on, the telephone worked, and needless to say, Marie had had the scare of her life and ended up going home early that day.


 Hassayampa Inn

Watson Lake by Rcelayaphotography Haunting Stories from Prescott Arizona

Hassayampa Inn by Rcelayaphotography

Photo of Hassayampa Inn by Rcelayaphotography. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram . You can also purchase his photos. For prices please email them on their facebook page!

When Marie worked at the Hassayampa Inn there was a lot of weird things that happened. Some of these weird things were stuff like the televisions constantly turning on. She heard rumor that there was a chef who haunts the kitchen. Then in the boiler room there was a story of  a young boy who haunts that area. Then there is the famous story of Faith the broken-hearted bride who roams the third floor – more specifically room 324.

There have been several haunting stories of this specific haunt. One of goes like this:

Faith and her new hubby honeymooned at the Hassayampa Inn. They stayed in the balcony suite. Well faith had sent her husband out for some smokes. He never returned. Broken-hearted and on the night before they were to check out, Faith hung herself. Where? Well the story changes from Faith hanging herself in the room from a chandelier that used to be in there to her hanging herself over the balcony.

Funny thing is, there is no record of a suicide in Prescott’s archives, but women who have just gotten married and honeymoon in 324, if their husband leaves the room, whether it is to the balcony, the bathroom, or to get ice, if the brides walk through the center of the room they feel as if they are being choked.

Hotel Vendome

Hotel Vendome

Hotel Vendome by Rcelayaphotography

Photo of Hotel Vendome by Rcelayaphotography. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram . You can also purchase his photos. For prices please email them on their facebook page!

On the Hotel Vendome website there is a story about their resident ghosts Abby and her cat Noble. The story states that Abby lived in the hotel in the 1920’s. Some of the stories say that she was a past owner who lost the hotel due to tax reasons. The current owner at that time allowed her and her husband to live in room 16 with their cat, Noble.

Abby came down with tuberculosis. One night she sent her husband out to the local pharmacy to get the medication she needed for her TB. He never returned to Abby and Noble. With no one to care for Abby, she lived in despair and stopped eating, starving herself, and noble, right along with her. Shortly after starving Noble and herself, Abby passed away in room 16 and she has stayed ever since.   Read more about Abby and her cat Noble (story from Hotel Vendome Room 16 page.)


If you are looking for some great places to stay with a rich history of ghost stories, Prescott is the place for you to visit. There is more to Prescott than the haunting stories though. You can check out more about Prescott and all it has to offer. Come for the scares, and remember everything you do here! You will come back for more . . . if you don’t get too scared.

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  1. Penny

    The historic Hassayampa Inn has some wonderful stories as it is rich in history. The guest room is 426 and Faith hung herself in the bell tower, many of people have seen her in her wedding dress all over the hotel and I have never heard of her wanting to bring harm anyone.

    Thank you,

    1. Jessica Pulido

      Penny, That is interesting to know. I have always wanted to go stay there. I hear its great!

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