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You will enjoy this Healthy Shepherd’s Pie

Who doesn’t love shepherd’s pie? It is so yummy and so good! But who needs all the carbs or dairy?! You will enjoy this Healthy Shepherd’s Pie.

Healthy Shepherd's Pie

A change in my eating habits lead me to search out and make a healthy shepherd’s pie. Check it out on OMG Goodies!

Healthy Shepherd’s Pie:

I started having to think about what I ate almost 2 years ago. We took our 3-week old son to the ER because he had blood in his diaper. Turns out he was allergic to diary! Since I was breastfeeding I had to cut out all dairy. I started reading labels and cut out anything with dairy in it. This is really hard to do, but I managed to find many replacements. I still used a lot of prepackaged, boxed, and frozen foods. But I did learn a few new recipes.

I spent the 1st year of my son’s life losing most of the weight that I gained while I was pregnant with him. But I still had 10 pounds to go and I knew I wasn’t losing those 10 pounds because I wasn’t eating right. So I signed up for the 21 Day Fix program. It taught me what to eat and how much of it! The last 10 months I have cut out 90% of prepackaged, boxed, and frozen foods and have learned to cook from scratch!

I have to get a little creative when I cook because around half of the healthy recipes I want to eat include some form of dairy, which I still can’t have because I’m still breastfeeding. So I go looking for healthy, dairy free versions of my favorite meals, some of which include pizza, chicken salad sandwiches, and shepherd’s pie.  So here is my version of a healthy shepherd’s pie, which was inspired by a recipe on the Beachbody Blog.


Who would have thought that using half potatoes and half cauliflower would be so tasty!? I actually enjoy eating mashed cauliflower as a side dish instead of regular mashed potatoes! I love this recipe for healthy shepherd’s pie! IT is so easy and so yummy! Yes, I actually do lick my plate every time I eat it! And both my son and my husband love it too! I love knowing that I am feeding my family healthy, balanced meals that taste good too!

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Healthy Shepherd's Pie

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