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A Comprehensive House Cleaning Guide For Pet Owner

Dander and fur are some common issues which you may face while cleaning your house if you own a pet. Being a pet lover is not enough. You need to take care of your pet and keep your house as well as pet clean. Cleaning your pet doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to create a healthy environment in your house. Using the following cleaning guide will help you keep your home clean, healthy and fresh even if you own a pet.

A Comprehensive House Cleaning Guide For Pet Owner

       Regular bathing schedule for the pets: It is important to bathe your pets regularly, at least once a month. If a pet comes dirty from outside it will spread the dirt everywhere. Bathing your pet regularly will help to remove excess hair of the dog., For cats, you need to brush them to remove excess hair. Thus, you can invest in a good brush which will work for a lifetime.

      Cleaning the floor and removing hair from furniture: You need to remove animal hair from the furniture at least once a week. You can use a common lint roller or choose the best vacuums for pet with side attachment. Cleaning the floor once a week is essential. You should use a vacuum cleaner that comes with a vacuum bag so you can empty it. Pet owners need to use the vacuum for a long time to keep their surrounding neat and free of fur. For laminated flooring and tile, you can sweep it and then use bleach and a mop. The bleach will help in disinfecting and killing the bacteria.

      Change the air filters in your AC: Every month you need to change your AC air filters if you have a pet. You can find the air filters at many home improvement stores. This will keep the air fresh in your home. 

      Disinfect:  Disinfecting the house is necessary to remove the odors and bacteria. If you use a high-quality sanitizer solution it can kill 99 percent germs. You can make use of different products for disinfecting different surfaces in the house.  

     Air fresheners: You should use air fresheners daily to mask the odor. It is better to use a spray to remove odors. A good quality spray can kill many airborne causing bacteria.

      Cleaning the urine: You must clean urine stains as and when required. If you use a specialized odor cleaner and pet stain remover it will help in removing the urine odors and pet stains.

      Pet bedding: You should clean the pet bedding twice a month using hot water followed by a spray.

For pet owners, pet hairs rolling in the house is a big challenge, but every pet doesn’t shed the same amount of hair. Some pet breeds shed a lot of hair and some do not share that much. House cleaning is a challenge if you do not take grooming of your pets seriously. Paying attention to their grooming needs is a necessity. It will ensure that your home is spic and span.

An important tip: Investing in a pet vacuum cleaner is a wise choice. It will help to banish odors and remove pesky hairs. When you purchase a vacuum make sure to invest in a vacuum cleaner that should have good suction power. If it comes with HEPA filter then it will be more reliable. You should also consider the flooring before choosing the vacuum cleaner because it can spoil the appearance of your floor. Just clean the filter of the vacuum regularly because hair and dirt can clog the filter. It will affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

 Conclusion: As a pet owner you can follow these simple tips to keep your house free of pet hair. Investing in a good vacuum is another important decision which you can consider. Investing in a vacuum cleaner will also allow you to spend quality time with your furry friend without worrying about the dirt or pesky hair.

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