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How Much CBD Oil & Vegan Cannabis Treats Should I Give My Dog & Cat?

CBD supplements offer unique therapeutic benefits that can help your pet to deal with a
variety of health conditions. As is the case with any other supplement, though, proper dosage
is key to using CBD to its full potential. And calibrating an effective CBD dosage for your pet
can turn into a delicate endeavor. How much CBD should your dog consume? Find out below
and by following this link.

CBD Dosing Considerations for Your Dog

Dosing CBD to your dog can feel like guessing unless you know what to look out for. In this
regard, two major factors influence what the appropriate dosage of CBD can be for your dog.
These factors are the size of your dog and the form of the particular CBD supplement you

When it comes to the size of your dog, the consideration is rather straightforward. The bigger
your dog is, the more CBD he or she will need to feel this compound's therapeutic effects.
Insufficient CBD dosages may simply not provide your dog with enough CBD to adequately
stimulate the endocannabinoid system.

The form in which you administer CBD to your dog matters just as much as your dog's size.
Various forms of CBD supplements have various CBD concentrations. In this respect, the
following dosing considerations, depending on the form of the CBD supplement, can be

  •  Tinctures The amount of CBD in tinctures may vary depending on the manufacturer.
    You can administer most CBD oils up to 4 times a day with up to 4 drops per portion.
  •  Capsules Unlike tinctures, CBD capsules contain more precise amounts of CBD. In
    general, most manufacturers recommend to administer up to 2 capsules to your pet
    throughout the day.
  •  Pet Treats Compared to tinctures and capsules, CBD pet treats are the least precise
    method of administering CBD. As a result, it is best to follow the specific dosage recommendations of each exact CBD pet treats product.

Finally, your dog’s particular health condition is also worth considering. If you simply want to
supplement your pet’s diet with CBD then recommended dosages will usually suffice. If,
however, your dog has a serious condition, you need to consult a knowledgeable veterinarian
to determine the dosage.

How to Administer CBD to Your Dog

By far and large, CBD tinctures is the most effective way to administer CBD to your pet. Some
dogs, however, can resist you dropping CBD oil directly under their tongue. If this is your
case, you can try having your pet lick the drops up. Or you can rather give your dog CBD
capsules or CBD treats that come in various flavors.

CBD Dosage: Flexibility Is Key

Regardless of the above recommendations, flexibility is essential when determining the
appropriate CBD dosage for your dog. Your pet’s behavior in reaction to taking CBD is still
your best source of feedback for estimating the dosage. As you follow the recommended
dosages and consider all other factors, pay close attention to your special friend too.

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