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How to take proper care of your Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is the most popular hair product there is. Women all over the world love its high density. It is an ideal type of hair for styling and there is so much you can do with it. Unfortunately, like all other good things, Brazilian weaves and wigs do have certain flaws. First and foremost, they don’t last a long time.

How to take proper care of your Brazilian hair
After buying an item, it is only a matter of time until it starts shedding. In certain cases, this may happen rather quickly (within a few weeks). Although women oftentimes blame the manufacturer and the hair itself, we also need to consider the fact that Brazilian hair requires proper maintenance. Given that it was made out of real human hair, it is basically affected by the same things as our own hair.

In order to help you out, we contacted the hair experts at Hot Brazilian Hair. Check some of the best tips that will help you protect Brazilian hair.


Washing is something that requires lots of attention. Before you’re even able to wash your new hair, it’s necessary to properly comb it beforehand. Keep in mind that you should allow strong brushes and combs which may damage the follicles. During combing, it is necessary to untangle all the ends.

Deep conditioning

Most shampoos that we use have strong chemical compounds inside of them. Shampooing also dries the hair which is something you should avoid at all costs. Keep in mind that shampoo is only able to clean the hair; it doesn’t help with styling nor does it give it natural softness. So, you might even consider avoiding shampoo altogether. Conditioners provide lots of necessary moisture. When applying the product, make sure to start from the top of your head and progress slowly downwards towards the ends. Wrap your head afterward and leave the conditioner for 15 minutes.


Rinsing is very similar to washing and all other processes in a sense that you need to start from the roots and progress towards the ends. Always keep in mind that you should do all these things with your hands. Make sure that hair extensions do not rub against each other as this may lead to additional damage and shedding. Tangles should be untangled and shampoo needs to be rinsed completely to avoid leaving chemicals in your hair.


Wide tooth finger comb is ideal for brushing. As previously mentioned, all these processes are very aggressive for the hair and even if you do decide to use a brush, make sure it is gentle.

During night

Even during the night, it’s necessary to take care of your Brazilian hair. Tie it down into a single twist then cover your head with a cap. Given that we tend to twist around during sleep this will prevent any damage that may occur overnight.

For some people, this may seem a bit too much. But if you consider the fact that you will have perfect hair each and every day, it is a sacrifice worth taking.

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