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I Can Only Imagine DVD Review

I Can Only Imagine shows you just how much music can influence someone’s life. This is a must own for anyone! It really gets you to feel the spirit.

I Can Only Imagine DVD Review

I Can Only Imagine is an amazing movie for all around. If you love the song you will for sure love the movie! I am excited to tell you my take here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about I Can Only Imagine-

This movie was absolutely amazing. I saw it in theaters and knew I wanted to see it again.  I Can Only Imagine tells a story about Bart Millard and his journey on being a singer. He grew up not having his mom, and dealing with an abusive father. His father always told him not to follow his dream, yet he did it anyway. After all those years of dealing with his father hurting him mentally and physically, He finally decided to leave. He found a band that needed a singer.

They called themselves MercyMe. When they first started out, they had absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs. Though that did not stop them from doing what they love. Eventually, Scott Brickell came to their show and changed everything, he knew that they had potential. He told them that Bart needed to sing from his heart, but he knew that something was holding him back. They met with different record labels, and they all told the band that they should just give up. Bart wanted to, but then Brickell told him to stop running and to face his fears, that fear was his father.

Bart decided to go home to his father and found out that his father was a totally different man. He had changed from the man that Bart hated to the man that he wanted to be someday. Sadly, Bart was too late. His father had cancer and was dying. It wasn’t until his father died that Bart could truly write the song that everyone knew he could. I recommend this movie to everyone! It shows that people can truly change if they set their mind to it. With Barts father having no one but himself, he realized that being all alone isn’t the life he wanted for himself.

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