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Ideas and Places to Buy Workout Equipment

Ideas and Places to Buy Workout Equipment that will help you stay focused on your New Years Goals and workout while you save money.

Ideas and Places to Buy Workout Equipment

One of the costly items to buy when trying to work out at a home is the Workout Equipment. It is something I have struggled with and found some great places to purchase them. I wanted to share these ideas with you!

Ideas and Places to Buy Workout Equipment:

When I started my health journey I wanted to find something that was low impact and helped me to stay on goal. Some people, like myself, can’t go outside to walk due to asthma. I had to find a way to do it at home and was low impact but still was cardio. It was suggested for me to get a stationary bike.

When I started my search looking for a stationary bike I couldn;t afford one. I needed to find places to purchase them used. But I  didn’t want to just toss money out on just any old used stationary bike. I had to find the one that fit me and was in shape. Below are places to look in your area for workout equipment.

Look on Craigslist:

Craigslist is a great place to find pretty much anything. You need to go to the for sale part and then find a place where they might be. In my area, I was able to find them in Beauty and Health. I found several of them for prices between $750.00 all the way down to $40.00.

Check Local Facebook Yard Sale Groups in your area:

In my area, there are are several buys, sale, yard sale pages. I went through each group looking for stationary bikes for myself. I found one local to me for $50.00 in great shape. On this site, I was able to also find more workout equipment then just stationary bikes. There was listing for treadmills as well.

Check out Letgo.com or the app:

Letgo also is a great place to look. When I put in my zip code and stationary bikes it did pull up normal bikes and stationary bikes. It also showed me the price and how far away from me they were located.

Check Thrift Stores like Goodwill:

Where I live in Arizona, once a month Goodwill does a 50% off day that is normally the first Saturday of the month. You can get anything in the store for 50% off the price. We went in on a Sale Saturday and was able to find workout equipment. The best part is you can try it out and see how it works for you right in the store. The price was also a discount for those days.

It was a great option. Doing it this way is a hit or miss. There are days they have nothing and other days they are loaded with workout equipment. My suggestion is when you go make sure to have a way to get the piece of equipment home. They only hold items for two hours before they put them back out for sale. This has caused me to miss out on larger items I wanted to buy.

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