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3 Ways to Increase your Instagram Followers

Instagram (IG) has rapidly become a social media giant ever since its launch in 2010. From only near thousands of users, it already has skyrocketed to a booming 700 million active monthly users in 2017.

3 Ways to Increase your Instagram Followers

When the application started, it was first used by kids and teenagers as like what social media is: a way for connecting, expressing, and ultimately, having fun. But now, users of Instagram range from below 10-year-old kids to adults and professional individuals. What’s even more interesting is that groups, organizations, and companies now manage IG accounts for different purposes.  Since the application offers plenty of opportunities, several businesses also use the avenue of Instagram to promote their business, provide content marketing, networking, and brand development. Based on user interaction of the social media platform, Instagram users become more and more involved with different businesses and organizations which further adds to the potential of social media, as a whole, to become an avenue for business.


In the online world, your supporters and people who are interested in your content ‘follow’ you, which allows them to be continually updated with the content you put up every now and then. So what’s a better way to promote yourself as a creative individual, or a business which aims to reach a lot of potential clients than to track and increase followers? Read more on the 3 easy ways on how to increase your Instagram followers to help you get started.


  1. Post powerful contents.


Instagram has a lot of users, meaning, your content has to compete with others’ content for followers. This is why, for you to attract more followers into your account, your content has to be powerful.


Powerful content means that it has to be creative. For you to stand out among millions of users who post their selfies from time to time, use Instagram stories to establish a unique and fun connection with your audience! Powerful content also means it has to be relevant and interesting. Watch out for trends on the internet and give it your own touch. Get hands on with the ideas and remember, be fun and silly, but never be boring!


  1. Post at the right timing and with consistency.


Timing is everything. The Instagram network is very active and up to date with exciting contents that attract viewers and followers. Being trendy with the type of posts is great, but the timing of your posts is also another thing. Don’t miss the time when most of the users are active and ride the wave! Posts during this period obtain the most audience so this gives you the opportunity to sell your content and be followed later on.


  1. Buy Social Signals.


Social signals are basically votes that go into your page or site and control your site’s level of presence online. Although buying such signals to create a well-off account sounds odd, it is actually effective and easy.

Sites like Social Proof provide instant followers or subscribers to your account to jumpstart your page and attract users to browse your content. After all, an account with many subscribers does look interesting. It creates a mentality that a significant number of people has a good reason for following an account. You can buy Instagram views, Facebook shares, and Twitter retweets to increase your presence online and to pique the interest of a larger audience.

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