Jun 14

Check out the Kid Friendly Healthy Home Infographic

The Kid-Friendly Healthy Home Infographic is a must-see for anyone with kids! Make sure to check it out below.

Kid Friendly Healthy Home Infographic

Do you love listening to your son or daughter laughing, singing, and talking to their stuffed animals? Their lungs help them communicate and share their ideas, but bad air could prevent them from enjoying the world around them. Stuffy and dirty air within a home can trigger asthma symptoms and worsen allergies. In mild cases, your kids might get sick more often or experience chronic wheezing or a stuffy nose. In severe cases, dust in the air could close their airways or lead to pneumonia.

There are steps you can take to keep the air clean for your children. Simply replacing your air conditioning filters every few months increases the amount of dirt and dust your unit collects. You should also schedule regular HVAC maintenance checks and cleanings to see if there are opportunities to improve your indoor air and limit your children’s exposure to dust, pollen, and mold. These small steps go a long way toward reducing the number of irritants your children inhale — without using dangerous chemicals or making them live in a bubble.

Check out the infographic below by Waller Heating and Air to learn about natural ways to keep your home clean and help your children’s breathing. Along with tips for their lungs, the graphic offers advice for natural living, home remedies to try, and reasons you should avoid chemical cleaners. You’re sure to find a few actionable tips to make your home a safer and cleaner place for your kids and the whole family.


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