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Kitty Play Zone: PlayHouse for Cats Perfect for all your Kitty Needs

My Kitten is in Kitty Play Zone happy land right now. Whether you have 1 kitty or 3, they will love their new play zone that you can decorate for fun.

Kitty Play Zone

I am so excited about my kittens new Kitty Play Zone, and even more excited to bring this review to the OMG Goodies Family.

My Thoughts About The Kitty Play Zone

Congratulations to me, I have a new addition to our family. Meet Sweetie Pie. She is actually sitting on my shoulder as I type this up. Sweetie Pie is a 9-week old kitten, whom I have had for about 3 weeks now. Yes, I know I got her super young. But after losing my beloved pomeranian Blazen, I had an empty hole in my heart and soul. I was cruising through Craigslist and saw a cute fluffy pile of kittens that were an unexpected litter.

The wonderful lady had plans of having the momma spayed but when she took momma to the vet, she was already pregnant. So, circumstances came up and she was faced with letting the kittens go to a new home early or having to take them to the pound. Lucky for me she chose to let them go early. Sweetie Pie has been to the vet and is a perfectly healthy happy baby girl. Momma now has her appointment to be spayed very soon.

Kitty Play Zone

As all new mommies do, the first thing I did after the vet appointment, was to scour the internet for new interactive toys for my baby. It seems the box stores all have the same things and I wanted something different for my new bundle of joy. I came across the Playhouse for Cats, The Kitty Play Zone and knew I had to have it. The Kitty Play Zone is a duel level cardboard house that has provided my Sweetie Pie with hours of playtime enjoyment. It also has a feeding and water station with metal bowls.

Kitty Play Zone Box

Why I love the Kitty Play Zone

First, the Kitty Play Zone is very easy to assemble. It not only comes with written directions but also picture instructions. In fact, my eight-year-old daughter assembled most of the house on her own, without any help. I only helped install the cardboard tower. Due to it coming flat so you have to bend the cardboard on the sides to fit.

Second, the Kitty Play Zone comes standard white and black. No worries, though, being cardboard, you can easily color or paint the outside to match your decor or even add a funky flair to it. We have not painted or decorated ours yet. Notice I said yet, I think Santa will bring some new paint to us this year. If not, I am going to have to head to the local craft store to make this happen. My daughter is even drawing out design ideas on paper so she has an idea what she wants to do.

Third, I love the feeding station, but since my older cat Honey has a sensitive tummy, I do not use it for food or water. I have however placed different toy balls in the metal bowls, that both kitties love to play with. Some of the toys crinkle, others rattle, and some have a bell. Those sounds in the bowl encourage my kitties to play even longer.

Kitty Play Zone Options

Lastly, one great feature of the Kitty Play Zone is you have options. You can add a drawbridge to your playhouse and it is now a castle. Or, if you want to dig for buried treasure you can create a Treasure box. If you are creative, you could also add your own design. Also, there is really no cap on the imagination with your Kitty Play Zone. As a matter of fact, I am sure that Auto Pets would love to see your ideas.

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Kitty Play Zone



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