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Gift FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII to your Gamer

Gift FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII to your Gamer. They will love this Performance Thumbstick ™ for their Xbox One Controler.

Gift FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII to your Gamer

Kontrol Freek offers some cool gear for the gamer in your life. One is the FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII Performance Thumbstick ™ for Xbox One Controler. I’m excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies. 

My Thoughts about KontrolFreek Thumbsticks –

Having gamers in your family can make gift giving hard. With my two sons. They keep me up to date with the latest trends and must-have items gamers want. My oldest son asked for thumbsticks. When he asked, I knew the one place to go to get them. KontrolFreeks has everything I knew he wanted. Thank goodness for that.

This year KontrolFreeks came out with new Thumbsticks. They are a special edition FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII thumbstick. They look awesome and make gaming much more precise on gaming. They attached to the thumbsticks on the control. My boys have a Xbox One and these new thumbsticks fit perfect.

When I tried to use them, I was lost. It was much higher than the normal thumbsticks. My boys, however, they rocked it. It took their gameplay to a new level. The FPS FREEK® CALL OF DUTY®: WWII comes with a code to use with Call of Duty WW2. It gives them some cool extras to help with the game.

If you have a gamer in your family, I suggest you head over to KontrolFreeks and order them some amazing new Thumbsticks today! They will thank you for them!

Connect with KontrolFreek –

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