May 24

Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt

Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt is the perfect undercover shirt for the breast feeding mama that doesn’t want to show any skin!

Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt

Undercover Mama have some great undershirts for breastfeeding mamas. One of them is the Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt. i am loving it for my niece and had to tell you all about it on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Lace Trim Undercover Mama-

When I breastfed my kids so long ago, I disliked when my belly would show. I felt so exposed and always tried to find ways so people didn’t have to see my belly. Now that my niece is breastfeeding her son, I started to look for items that would help her have a more personal time while feeding her son. When I found out about Undercover Mama, I knew this was a perfect item to help her keep modest while she breastfed.

When I received the Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt and gave it to my niece, She was in love with the concept of it. When she tried it on the first time, she was so excited to have something to help her hide the tummy. She loved that it looked like a second tank top under her shirt. The bottom of the Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt  was ideal to enhance her clothing and style.

When she used the Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt for the first time, she was impressed with how easy it was to put on her bra. Once she had it on and tried to breastfeed, she loved how easy it was to use with her nursing bra. It allowed her to have the cover up and still have the full benefits of using a nursing bra. She has since asked if we could get her more of them in different colors.

Below is a picture of how the Lace Trim Undercover Mama Undershirt works with your nursing bra.


If you have been looking for the perfect undercover shirt for breastfeeding, the search has ended because this is all you need! You will love it as much as my niece does! Also check out the other great varieties that Undercover Mama has to offer.

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  1. Deb E

    I still really like the polka dot nursing shirt and think it would look good under most any shirt.

  2. Brittany

    The brown lace tank is cute too!

  3. Deb E

    I still like the black lace trim undershirt that you reviewed. Black is always in style.

  4. Deb E

    I totally need the Premium Slimming Style this week for bloatiness, lol, preferably in slimming black!

  5. Brittany

    Tan is a good color too!

  6. Brittany

    I really like the white lace trim!

  7. Deb E

    A nice cool cream colored nursing shirt would be great to wear in this heat.

  8. Deb E

    I’d like to win the black lace trim Undercover Mama tank you reviewed. It looks great and matches anything.

  9. Brittany

    I like the nursing shirt in purple.

  10. Deb E

    I’d love to win the Nude Nursing Shirt that won’t show so much sweat in the summer heat.

  11. Brittany

    The gray lace tank is nice.

  12. Deb E

    I’d like to get both the black and white top cover shirts they have on sale for $12.99, a real steal!

  13. Brittany

    I like the white lace tank.

  14. Deb E

    My fave to win is still the Premium Slimming Style in black!

  15. Brittany

    I like the slimming panel tank.

  16. Deb E

    I’d like to win the Navy Nursing Shirt, which would go with most of my wardrobe.

  17. Brittany

    I like the nursing shirt in polka dot.

  18. Deb E

    When it’s hot like today, the cream nursing shirt in a size larger for looseness, would be just the ticket for comfort.

  19. Deb E

    The lace trimmed white shirt would be good in the heat. Lace always adds some style.

  20. Brittany

    The slimming tank would be nice too!

  21. Brittany

    I like the white nursing tee because it goes with everything.

  22. Deb E

    The white Slim Mamma shirt would be great under light colored shirts too and I’d love one.

  23. Deb E

    I like the basic black nursing shirt that goes with everything.

  24. Deb E

    I just received some black lace boy shorts today so a black lace shirt would look great and match it.

  25. Brittany

    I like the white lace trim tank.

  26. Deb E

    I think layering the red nursing shirt with a whit top cover would look nice and good for the summer.

  27. Deb E

    I could really use that white top cover today to hide my bra straps! I like that style a lot.

  28. Deb E

    The light blue nursing shirt looks lovely for top pick.

  29. Deb E

    Weekends I need the Premium Slimming Style, preferably in black. Very forgiving.

  30. Deb E

    I’d get and wear the Premium Slimming Style in black the most. Black is the best basic color.

  31. Deb E

    The Top Cover in white would be good to wear under a tank so your bra doesn’t show.

  32. Deb E

    I’d love the Slim Mama shirt in black. I’d like a slimming panel in all my shirts!

  33. Em Mahr

    I like the PREMIUM SLIMMING STYLE in white

  34. Deb E

    The gray nursing shirt would be a great piece to win.

  35. Deb E

    I’d love the mint colored nursing top. That color is hard to find sometimes.

  36. Deb E

    The nursing shirt in nude would be a good standby for anytime.

  37. Deb E

    I do like the lace but I think a slimming panel, like the black slim style, would be good in all of them.

  38. Deb E

    The Brown Nursing Shirt is one I’d pick since brown goes with everything.

  39. Deb E

    The basic navy nursing shirt would be a great piece to own.

  40. Deb E

    I’d save money and get the The Value Bundle, the Black and the White Nursing Shirts.

  41. Deb E

    I’d like to win the cute top cover that’s on sale. I love both the black and white ones.

  42. Deb E

    I’d like to win the nursing shirt in either hot pink or fun polka dot.

  43. Deb E

    I’d like the Premium Slimming Style with the slimming panel.

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