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Learn about Feelings with The Moodsters

The Moodsters is a great little group of detectives who use sleuthing skills to help children solve the mysteries of their emotions! “With their motto of “We do what we do because we care about you,” the Moodsters are committed to helping Zach and Zoey navigate the emotional maze of childhood.”

the moodsters

The Moodsters are awesome little characters each representing a different emotion. They have three stories out so far. They are Meet the Moodsters, A Time to Be Kind, and The Scary Sleep Over. I received A Time to Be Kind to review here on OMG Goodies, and we are excited to share our experience with The Moodsters!

My Thoughts about The Moodsters-

I’ve never heard of The Moodsters before to be honest. I came across them while researching products that may help my kid better understand emotions. My daughter tends to think me raising my voice is mommy being “mean” or angry. In reality, sometimes I just get passionate or excited about what I am talking about. For some reason, she doesn’t quite get this. Expressions on the face matter just as much as the tone of voice.

The Moodsters mirror that comes with A Time to Be Kind, helps my daughter practice facial expressions. It directs her on faces to make and let’s her know what emotion she is expression. Feelings and emotions are important for young children to recognize so that they know how to react.

the moodstersThe Moodsters really focus on understanding emotions and trying to be kind to your friends within this story. A Time to Be Kind is a great little story. The colors are bright and vibrant. They go through every emotion in this book trying to promote emotional development in young children and the importance of kindness. My daughter has some understanding of this thanks to a recent popular movie. However, The Moodsters I feel better explains and depicts the emotions.

The Moodsters Mirror has a dial at the bottom you can switch to match your child’s feeling. The Moodster you put it on will then talk when you press the button. You can be very interactive with this mirror, asking questions to your child to try to help them understand how to read facial expressions. There is a little guide that comes with the set telling you how to better use the Moodsters Mirror and the book. You can find the Guidelines for Grownups on the inner cover. At the end of the book there’s a Moodster Meter as well. This allows your child to slide their finger up to where they’re feeling on the Moodster Meter. It tells you to name the feeling for your child and ask them what makes them feel that way.

The book and mirror both show how we express negative emotions as well as positive emotions in the simplest feelings which young children understand. The Moodsters cover anger, sadness, happiness, love and fear, which are basic emotions. I believe this book and mirror story book set is extremely helpful in teaching young children how to understand feelings.

Help your child learn about feelings with The Moodsters and connect below!


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