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Gift Dad a Lexo Phase Changing Tumbler this Christmas!

Gift Dad a Lexo Phase Changing Tumbler this Christmas! He will love how it cools his coffee to the perfect temperature!

Gift Dad a Lexo Phase Changing Tumbler this Christmas

Lexo offers the coolest Tumbler ever! I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Lexo Tumbler-

Can I be 100% honest with all of you? I am not a huge coffee fan. Nope… I’m not. I tried but it just isn’t for me. When I did try to drink coffee It had more creamer and sugar than coffee. My father on the other hand, he LOVES coffee. He has his own coffee maker at his house but insists coming to my house every morning for coffee. I wish it was to see me but let’s get real. He comes to see my dogs or my husband.

He came over on Monday and saw I had a new product to review. It is the Lexo Tumbler designed for hot drinks. I asked if he would like to test it out for me. He said sure! I received two tumblers. One was all black and then a silver one with a black lid. He picked the black one. I washed it out and dried it. He made his coffee in his “Greatest Dad” extra large coffee mug I got him after Chester our English Bulldog broke his other mug. Once he had his drink poured in the Lexo Tumbler he asked me how it worked. I told him “Duh. its technology dad!” Then out the door, he went back to his house!

Because I am not 100% sure how this tumbler works, watch this video. It is full of information!

It works!

I text him later that night and asked how it worked. He told me ” I wasn’t sure it would work and cool down thatĀ fast. I was impressed that by the time I got home it already cooled down.” I was shocked. We live right across the street from my parents. Knowing it truly does cool your drink in a timely manner.

Know that I started to think about how hot some of the major coffee houses make their coffee, you can take your Lexo Tumbler in and have them fill it up. Next time I’m out and in town, I’m stopping by my favorite coffee house to get a Chai because I love Chai and see how well it works for myself! I’ll keep you all posted.

If you want one of these cool tumblers, I suggest you head over to Lexo and order one for yourself and any other coffee drinkers in your house!

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