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Gift Love Letters from Across the World this Valentine’s Day

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In this day and age, with technology what it is, we can open up and connect with people across the world and make friends from across the globe! That’s where Love Letters from Across the World comes into play.

Gift Love Letters from Across the World this Valentine's Day

One morning I was checking out posts in a blogger group on Facebook. A lady asked if people would write a note on a piece of paper that said, “Steve, Linda’s love for you is so BIG it reached _______,” with the blank listing our location. In return, she would send us a custom photo for our husband, boyfriend, or whatever our status is to whomever we wanted it for. This sparked a big reaction and women around the world started to do this for one another.

When I started to do this, I planned on doing several for women all across the globe from Prescott, AZ, USA. I have already received one from Switzerland and Romania! I also have some coming from places like New Zeland along with other countries and from states here in the USA.

All of you can join Love Notes from around the World on Facebook.

Facebook Page

How to get Love Letters From Across the World

  • Check your friend’s list. See if you have friends who are overseas or in other states. Ask them to write a sign for your love from you! It is simple to do and can be done from a cell phone. In return, offer the same service to them!
  • Once you have the photos, print them off! I plan on using Shutterfly. You can use whatever site you prefer or go to your local Walgreens or Walmart to print them off.
  • Put them in a photo book to have them last longer!
  • Once you have them all in an album, make sure to write a sweet love note to your love from you and put in an album as well.
  • Once they are all in, wrap it up and gift it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

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