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Join the Phygical World: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

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Magik Play digital building blocks enhance child’s play in both the physical and the digital worlds. Now hands-on play comes with apps.

Phygical: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

Magik Play comes to us out of Portugal where the startup company’s goal is to integrate the physical world with the digital world.  Their proprietary smart toys are leading the way into the phygical world with three apps and a set of wooden building blocks your child can manipulate using directions from the apps. This incredible STEM product is the wave of the future, and OMG Goodies can’t wait for you to read more about it!

Magik Play Digital Building Blocks and the Phygical World:

Phygical remains one of the newest words in our language. So new, most of us are still asking what it means. Soon enough this word will find itself in schools and homes similar to the way STEM and STEAM are currently used. Why? Because parents and toy makers alike recognize children are setting their physical toys aside in favor of digital activities. When this happens, children excel in many educational areas but struggle in others, such as fine motor skills.

Hugo Ribeiro, co-founder, and CEO of the parent company, Makibee, experienced such a situation with his second child, who was born in 2013. His daughter regularly set aside her physical toys and chose the iPad instead. This led him to join forces with a university researcher working with children’s interactive technology. Together, they developed this incredible phygical building block set, Magik Play.

The Magik Play Starter Kit:

Building blocks have long been a staple in toy boxes around the world. The ten colorful building blocks included with the Magik Play Starter Kit look like the typical blocks you might find in any block set. However, these blocks have been enhanced in a way no other set has. Each block is recognized by the Magik Play apps. Moreover, the apps recognize which direction the blocks are facing. This takes phygical play to a whole new level as children are asked about shapes and to build boats, bridges, and towers with the blocks!

Magik Play offers three free apps:

Phygical: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

Hidden Shape:


Helps children 2+ years recognize shapes. Basic pictures featuring a certain shape appears on the screen. Children are then prompted to place the matching shape on the wooden base holding the iPad. Each puzzle increases in difficulty, and the child is given a star-rating from one to three stars based on their speed and accuracy. When the child chooses the correct shape, the app names the shape and prompts the child to continue to the next puzzle.

Phygical: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

Dino Blocks:


Helps children 3+ years begin manipulating the building blocks into simple structures. The app has various dinosaurs explain their situation and why they need help. They provide an outline of a structure and ask the child to build it. When the child builds the structure, the characters accept the help. Once again, a star-rating is given for speed and accuracy.

Phygical: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks



Helps children 4+ continue manipulation of the building blocks. The app’s graphics have increased and the main character is running away from small monsters. This means the structures must be quickly destroyed so the monsters cannot follow! The puzzles included in this app require several steps and manipulations including working to balance the structures before they fall. Star-ratings for speed and accuracy continue. If they fail to destroy the structures they “fail” and our runaway friend is destroyed off-screen.

My Play:

I love to play with toys, especially educational toys such as this. Though the tasks are generally easy for me (I admit to losing a couple of structures before completion), knowing the level of good the toys do for children makes me happy. The Magik Play digital building blocks take the fun of hands-on play and reintroduce it to children fascinated with digital play. No longer do children have to choose between one or the other.

I enjoyed the bright, colorful graphics and fun situations provided by the three, free apps. The difficulty increases perfectly with each level. The apps’ music and characters entertain children with friendly sounds and fun shapes and designs. Alone, sitting at my desk, I moved through several different puzzles in each app, not because I needed to for the review, but because I was having fun.

Phygical: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

My youngest child entered middle school this year. She is growing before my very eyes along with her brothers and sister. I shared Magik Play with her as an idea to entertain young kids while playing with young cousins or babysitting. She loved the idea of sharing this incredible phygical toy with the younger children she knows.

Connect with Magik Play:

Purchase Magik Play on Amazon or Magikbee.com.

We are excited to announce a Magik Play sweepstakes!  One winner will receive a Magik Play Starter Kit. You and your child can enjoy entering the phygical world together!  The sweepstakes begins August 12, 2017, at 12:00 AM ET, and ends August 26, 2017, at 12:00 AM ET. Don’t forget to share this incredible sweepstakes on social media using the buttons below!

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