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Manners are Easy When Polite PigPals Cheer You On

Polite PigPals help young children to learn manners and to clean up by cheering them on when the kids complete easy tasks like flushing the toilet and picking up their toys.

Manners are Made Fun when Polite PigPals Cheer You On!

Piglets Max and Emmie visited our blog from Manners Made Easy, where they are working to learn manners. Max likes to help kids remember to flush the toilet and wash their hands in the bathroom. He’s definitely everyone’s Bathroom Buddy. Emmie joins Max as part of the Cleanup Crew, where they help kids make sure the floor is sparkly clean when playtime is over. Please enjoy learning more from our interview report that is now available on OMG Goodies!

My Interview with Manners Made Easy PigPals Max and Emmie:

Lisa Burns discovered PigPals Max and Emmie lurking in her imagination when she suffered the same internal struggle all mothers do. As efforts to teach her children increased, she felt like a nag. It took some work and a bit of time, but Lisa soon convinced Max and Emmie to leave their imaginary farm and move to the reality of the city. Now Max and Emmie cheer everyone on as they and your kids learn manners – the easy way!

Bathroom Manners with Max

Max clearly expressed his dislike of nagging right from the start.

When mom’s nag, I dig in my heels in and bury my head; sometimes I cry. Kids like to have fun, and so do I!

It was easy to see his love for Lisa, though. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to realize how much he loves to help both kids and moms, especially in the bathroom. Max is a great bathroom buddy!

Moms and dads choose the volume at which Max speaks, (high, medium, low) and place the rock platform* holding Max and his froggy friend on top of the toilet. When the toilet flushes, Max takes over. “Fantastic flushing my friend, remember to wash your hands, and you’ll be a superstar!” is only one of nine different messages Max shares as he cheers his friends on. He mentioned to OMG Goodies that saying the same two or three cheers over and over gets boring but saying nine cheers entertains both him and kids every time! Of course, Max also helps Emmie on the Clean-up Crew.

The Cleanup Crew with Emmie and Max:

Emmie takes charge of the Cleanup Crew. She loves to play princess and dress up in the very finest clothes she can find. She admits she still needs some help saying please and thank you because she likes to boss Max around.

Max takes it in stride, and together we help kids enjoy picking up after themselves.” Emmie and Max come ready to clean up on a sturdy clip that holds on tight to any basket. “Mom’s definitely need to know they can clip us anywhere. Toy boxes, baskets, laundry hampers, Oh, and boxes. Mom’s need help and Max and I want to cheer kids on!  They love their moms, but sometimes they forget to show it. I’m the same way with Max.

Every time an item is put away Emmie and Max cheer! “Toss it in to win! Great job my friend!” is Emmie’s favorite cheer.” Max likes that one well enough, but prefers “And the crowd goes wild!” Emmie was sure to agree with Max when he stated,

With nine cheers, why should we share a favorite?

When asked if they ever miss saying a cheer they both admitted that sometimes kids are super gentle and the basket doesn’t vibrate. “The basket has to vibrate a little for us to realize a new item as been added, but a little movement is all it takes,” claimed Emmie.

The Basics:

Each Polite PigPal requires 3 AAA batteries. The Cleanup Crew comes with an on/off switch. It is best to let Emmie and Max sleep until playtime is over — that way they are extra cheery! Max and Emmie also appear as Hangup Helpers, but this interview did not have quite enough time to discuss those particular points. We do hope to have Emmie and Max back to visit with us again soon!

Mom and Dads, your kids are sure to love the helpful cheers that make manners easy and oh, so much fun!  Polite PigPals have so many wonderful manners, you will love having them in your home. They are certain to help keep the nagging at bay while manners come alive and seem just like play!

*Polite PigPals are made of plastic and contain no real rock base, just making sure you noticed that!

Connect with Polite PigPals:

Max and Emmie are waiting in a store near you to make your acquaintances and be your new pals. If you want to meet them sooner, you’ll find them on the Manners Made Easy website.

OMG Goodies is honored to host a Polite PigPals Sweepstakes. One winner will have their choice of one Bathroom Buddy, Cleanup Crew, or one Hangup Helper (Max or Emmie). The Sweepstakes begins October 22, 2016, at 12:00 A.M. ET and ends November 6, 2016, at 12:00 A.M. ET. Daily entries are available. Perfect as baby shower gifts or Christmas gifts to new moms as well as for moms of toddlers. Everyone has a friend to share this sweepstakes and review with, use the buttons below!

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