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Measurable and Attainable Get-Fit Goals

The world screams, “It’s January! The holidays are over, set goals and get fit!” I looked at my well-curved body, knew it was time for me to start, ate egg whites and a banana for breakfast, and walked ten minutes on the elliptical. Then it all ended.

Measurable and Attaintable Get-Fit Goals

People torture themselves every year with thoughts of losing weight, getting fit. The ultimate desire: the prom dress or tux size. It usually ends by the end of January.  The dreams of looking like Karlie Kloss touch back down in reality and we feel as though we are stuck always looking like – well, ourselves.  Eventually, lives settle into routines and we forget about our weight woes until we gasp a bit while trying on swimming suits.  By autumn the cycle begins again, “After the holidays, I’m ready!”

The fresh start of a new year appears to be the perfect time to start losing weight. We set goals and hope that this year we can miraculously accomplish them. If it really worked that way, all of us thin people would put the soda and entertainment industries out of business. Sadly, the running joke about New Year’s resolutions swaying into oblivion by the end of January stands more as truth than banter.

How do we keep going?  How many blog articles have we read listing the same five ways to keep our goals?  We lose ourselves in our New Year’s resolutions when we set unrealistic goals. Yup! It’s on the list! Consider though, do the set goals take priority in our lives? If not, the attainability is zero!

Attainable goals exist when we set them around our lives instead of expecting our lives to bend around them.

When quick dinners take precedence due to kids’ activity schedules, cutting out fast food and keeping that healthy-eating goal usually falls by the wayside. The same is true when important responsibilities get in the way of exercise.

We can all design goals around our lives. The simple trick: set specific healthy-eating and exercise goals and make sure you can determine how you are doing by examining your past week!

People struggling to find healthy and quick dinners might set the following goals:

  • I will prepare myself healthy dinners that contain a vegetable or fruit, a protein, and a starch 5 out of 7 days a week.
  • I will choose the salad or grilled chicken options without fries or soda when eating out. I will eat out no more than 2 times a week.
  • I will not eat a small, chocolate snack, equal or less than 150 calories, before 7:00 PM 5 out of 7 days a week.

People struggling to find time to exercise might set the following goal:

  • I will exercise for 40 minutes before washing dishes (or watching TV, or looking at Facebook, etc.) 3 out of 5 days a week.

Notice how each goal is very specific? The ratios (3 out of 5, no more than 2 days a week) ensure each goal is measurable. My examples may not work for everyone, that’s OK. The point is to write your own goals to bend around your lifestyle. Make changes, but do so at a rate that works well in your life. The time to write more advanced goals comes when these goals become second nature. Perhaps then you can write a goal to exercise 5 out of 7 days, or maybe you add a more specific healthy-eating goal.

Written goals that fit a specific lifestyle while eliciting change help to keep us on track.  When goals include a way to measure success, we feel rewarded through our hard work!  Losing weight takes time and quick diet plans or difficult-to-maintain eating plans help move the process along; realistically, most of us putter out quickly on those plans and find ourselves wondering why we try. Instead, look in the mirror and exclaim, “I am beautiful and have exceptional talents!” Remind yourself that with the right goals, you can get fit.  You’ll still always look like yourself – and really, that’s what we all want, but it can be the healthier, fitter you if you set the right kind of goals.

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Kameo Monson

Kameo has been married for 22 years. She has 2 boys ages 17 and 15, and 2 girls ages 13 and 11. Her interests range from music - especially choir music to gel polish to dresses to reading to camping and hiking. Kameo loves animals and has 3 dogs, a cat, a Guinea pig, a hamster, and some fish in her home. She and her family like to have small excursions to places close to home and enjoy being outside watching her husband and son fly R/C planes or make contacts on their HAM radios.

Kameo started with OMG Goodies in January 2015 and has become a proficient reviewer. Like all of our bloggers, we are happy to have her on the team.

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