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Meet some of the modular toys in the MiO Collection from Manhattan Toys!

Modular toys and imaginative play have never been more fun than with the MiO Collection from Manhattan Toy Company. The Food Truck + 1 person and the MiO Outdoors are the perfect examples of what the MiO Collection has to offer!

Modular Toys from the Mio Collection

Manhattan Toy Company provides much more than your average toys. In fact, for 30 years toys worthy of passing down from parent to child have been manufactured and sold by Manhattan Toy. The MiO Collection is only one example of quality toys built with more than making money in mind. OMG Goodies loves to share information about quality toys with you and this collection is fast-approaching becoming one of our favorites.

My Thoughts on the modular toys in the Mio Collection:

The MiO Collection consists of several sets of wooden blocks, planks, shapes, and bean bag characters that work well individually or together to increase fun and imaginative play! The collection finds themselves showered in awards including the Oppenheim Toys Portfolio Gold Seal Award and the Academy Star from The Crisbie Awards New Arrivals category. With as many awards as these modular toys have received, parents should know these toys belong in every toy box. I am here to help you understand why.

Give a child a few blocks and watch what happens. It doesn’t take long before those blocks start to form a castle or an obstacle course. What happens then? The castle gets knocked down or the hamster runs away and the fun starts all over again. The blocks are instrumental in increasing fine motor skills as well as teaching aspects of math and science. Blocks are toys all children should have, of course, if they don’t, they will find other objects to build with — maybe Mom’s dishes . . .

The MiO Collection takes the idea of building to the next level. These modular toys stack and fall over with the best of them, but there’s more to them than that. Many of the MiO blocks come with printed designs and various shapes like you see in the MiO Woodland + Fox + Skunk set I reviewed in November. Others come with a few blocks and simple wooden toys to add to the building, arranging, and imagining experience. The MiO Outdoors and the Food Truck +1 Person sets are great examples of the second type of set available through the MiO Collection.

Mio Outdoors:

Modular Toys from the Mio Collection

MiO Outdoors comes with a hammock, two bean bag trees, and one bean bag person. The bright colors and fun bean bags draw the attention of children who want their character to swing in the hammock or crouch behind a tree during a game of hide-and-seek. Perhaps their person can enjoy taking a walk to the river or building a fire. What a child imagines with four items reaches far beyond what adults see.

This fun set pairs well with so many of the other MiO Collection sets. Imagine playing with it and the MiO Sleeping + 2 People or the MiO Eating + 2 People sets. Of course, it pairs beautifully with the Camping + Bear or the Woodland + Fox + Skunk sets too! I enjoyed playing with this set and the Food Truck + 1 Person set!

Food Truck + 1 Person:

Modular Toys from the Mio Collection

The Food Truck set comes with a large block, a small block, four natural wood disks, and a person. Looking at it, you might wonder whether you child will do more than push the truck around. They will. The large block comes with one printed side. What it becomes is up to your child.  Is it a refrigerator, a grill, a table, or a freezer in an ice cream truck? I used it as a grill. The small block’s print looks most like a stove top; however, I took the block and used it as a table. The disks look like plates but two stacked together quickly become a stool.

The truck is no ordinary truck either. Open on top, your child can easily reach inside to help their person cook and prepare food. The doublewide backdoor unlocks by releasing the elastic button lock and the side window opens for customers.

The Pairing:

Modular Toys from the Mio Collection

I enjoy playing with children’s toys more now than I did as a child. The second these two sets came together I imagined my MiO Outdoors as a fabulous camping spot, with trees perfect for shading a hammock from the sun. The Food Truck then drove up and set up a relaxing area for guests to enjoy some delicious tacos (my favorite!).  Food truck owner, Sam, set up a table and a stool right under a flowering tree and waited for his first customer. It didn’t take long for Joe to realize Sam was there! He loves Sam’s tacos and ran right over to enjoy two carne asada tacos with a side of delicious beans!

Modular toys benefit both children and parents. Each set remains independently fun but with the ability to add more as growth (and finances) allow. The MiO Collection offers phenomenal sets meant to last for years to come. That’s why they collect award after award.  They are simply exceptional!

Connect with Manhattan Toy Company:

The MiO Collection has won the following awards:

  • Oppenheim ToyPortfolio Gold Seal Award
  • Parents’ Choice
  • Parents Best Toy and Creative Child Top Toy of the Year Award – Open Ended Play category.
  • Academy Star award in The Cribsie Awards’ New Arrivals category

Purchase your own MiO Outdoors or MiO Food Truck + 1 Person set on the Manhattan Toy Company website. Both sets are currently on sale! Enjoy 20% off your order by subscribing to Manhattan Toy’s email list. Free shipping is included on all ground orders.

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