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NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipes

Are you looking for the ease of disposable floor wipes without the guilt of using Earth’s resources?  If so, NatureZway’s Bamboo Floor Wipes are definitely for you!

NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipes

NatureZway offers cleaning solutions that are good for the earth as well as you!  The Bamboo Floor Wipes are manufactured using a fast-growing resource.  OMG Goodies is excited to share this review with you!

My Thoughts About the NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipes:

I have always enjoyed using a sweeper with floor wipes, but I haven’t enjoyed throwing wipes away when they look as if they will last in a landfill for several years to come; I have always been taught to respect the earth as one of God’s creations.  For most of us, there is a fine line in determining what is wasteful and what is ‘worth it’. I determined to only use floor wipes when I want to make certain the house is sparkling clean (because dust and crumbs aren’t left behind like they are with the broom) and when I am in a hurry. NatureZway has developed a floor wipe I can feel good about using all the time – Bamboo Floor Wipes.

Bamboo is an amazing member of the grass family. It grows approximately 40 times faster than oak –  this is an incredibly fast rate. The roots of the bamboo plant stay in place after harvest which means topsoil and nutrients are not washed away and lost due to soil erosion. This too, is different than other renewable resources. Most of the time stumps are burned as fertilization and erosion is a common problem.  Bamboo does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers. This helps to keep us healthy. Growing and using bamboo as a natural, renewable resource, also helps to provide work for people in third world countries, who regularly struggle with civil unrest and economic stability. It is an amazing plant with many amazing uses. (source)

The Bamboo floor wipes are rayon made from Bamboo. Bamboo fibers are much stronger than traditional wood fibers. These wonderful wipes are thick and soft.  When I cleaned my dog-hair, dust, and food crumb ridden floor with the Bamboo Floor Wipes, I found it picked up the mess on my floor better than a traditional broom. The dog hair clung to the wipe, as did the dust and crumbs.  After using the floor wipes to sweep my floor, I wet one, and used it to mop.  Not only was mopping made easy, I was finally able to reach the corners I usually have to clean by hand!

NatureZway made sure the Bamboo Floor Wipes will fit most brand-name sweepers. They can be used the same way the name-brand wipes are used.  I was so excited to know this.  It is wonderful to be able to use a sweeper without feeling as if I am filling landfills and using resources I shouldn’t be!  I also love knowing the cost is generally lower than other brand floor wipes!

I hate dusting.  Worse than that, I live in an extremely dusty desert and I hate dusting! I wanted to see if the Bamboo Floor Wipes would make my dusting any easier.  I spent less than 15 seconds dusting a portion of a set of blinds.  I was 100% amazed at how quickly the dust disappeared.  It didn’t fly around the room, it didn’t make me sneeze, it didn’t get pushed around on the blinds.  It clung to the floor wipe and left my blinds spotless.


I love knowing I can use NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipes without feeling guilty.  It is wonderful knowing I can use them regularly because of the affordability of the wipes.  The best part, I know they work as well, if not better than traditional floor wipes.

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