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Newport Skinny Tea: Metabolism, Evening and Daytime

Newport Skinny Tea is just what you need if you are a tea fanatic like me. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect one. Affiliate link included below.

Newport Skinny Tea Collection

I have been really wanting to try Newport Skinny Tea for a while now. Words can not describe how excited I am to bring this review to OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts on Newport Skinny Tea

I would like to consider myself tea guru. I have spent hours and hours researching different teas, where they come from, the different blends to different flavors. Newport Skinny Tea has so many varieties, that I am sure you will find one perfect for you. I am particularly fond of the 3 teas below. I really love how you can adjust your teas strength to customize your perfect flavor.  If 1 Tablespoon is too weak or strong, you can easily adjust them. Note, you will need a tea infuser or some empty tea bags. My infuser let some of the smaller ingredients through, so I had to strain it through some cheesecloth before drinking. I have left an Amazon link for you at the bottom so you can order them when your order your tea from Newport Skinny Tea.

Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea

The Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea tastes great. The blend includes Green Tea, hibiscus flowers, Garcinia Fruit, Lemon Peel and some other ingredients. As I am a fan of green tea I can not get enough of this spectacular flavor. while it smells like a traditional tea, the flavor is so much more in depth. Keep in mind, this blend does contain Caffeine. So if you are caffeine sensitive, be sure to check with your doctor for this one.

The directions are simple. Place 1 tablespoon of tea in an infuser, steep for 2-3 minutes in boiling water. You also drink 30-60 minutes before breakfast and lunch. If you need to sweeten feel free to add a few drops of Stevia, but I do not need the extra sweet.

Newport Skinny Daytime Tea– 

This tea tastes phenomenal. While some of the ingredients are the same, I did pick up on the rosehips, cinnamon, and peppermint flavors. This was very appealing to my taste buds. This blend does not mention caffeine.

The directions for the Newport Skinny Daytime Tea are the same as the Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea. I would not recommend drinking both unless you are a tea fanatic like me.

Newport Skinny Evening Tea– 

I believe this is by far my most favorite tea from Newport Skinny Tea. I love lemony tea, and this one is perfect with its Lemongrass, Lemon Balm,  Lemon Peel as well as the other ingredients.

The directions for the Newport Skinny Evening Tea are the same as the others as far a making it. This tea is for bedtime, though. 1 cup nightly is what the directions indicate, and I feel this to be accurate. I have noticed that I do feel more relaxed and have been tending to fall asleep quicker.

Other Great Infomation on Newport Skinny Tea

Newport Skinny Tea offers so many mixes and bundles of their spectacular teas. They have you covered with 21-day teatox (tea + detox), beauty, scrubs, diet and workout plans and so much more.

Being healthy starts with a lifestyle change. There is no magic potion that will show you instant results. Research the ingredients in each blend, and take a copy to your doctor, as you should with any lifestyle change. Some blends do contain caffeine which could cause an issue if you have high blood pressure or other medical issues.


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Newport Skinny Tea

21 Day Teatox duo- Newport Skinny Tea day & night + Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

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