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Kids Color on Paper and Tablets with the Painting Lulu Coloring Sets

Kids love to color on paper and coloring apps; now they can do both with the Painting Lulu Painting-to-Digital Coloring Sets and the Painting Lulu App.

Flycatcher Inc., the savvy company who realizes kids benefit from traditional and digital play, develops innovative products and apps kids and parents can both enjoy.  The 4 year-old-company created both Followgrams and Charmbricks, and partners with companies like Hasbro, Mattel, Rovio, and Warners Bros. Now, the award-winning Painting Lulu coloring sets join the family and OMG Goodies knows you want to learn more!

My Thoughts about Painting Lulu Coloring Sets:

Kids look forward to the various art projects parents and teachers invite them to participate in. Most start scribbling as they can hold a crayon to the page. Toddlers branch out to drawing simple shapes between 3 and 4 years of age. From there, the act of coloring blossoms and even the child who struggles to draw stick figures eventually learns to color within the lines.

The traditional coloring skill could be replaced digitally; there are more coloring apps than you can easily count for both kids and adults. Kids as young as 2 and 3 are learning how to use Mom’s phone and tablets. You would think that would be enough for kids when learning to color. It sure does keep your house free of crayons — not to mention your walls. However good digital coloring is, it cannot replace the traditional coloring actions that provide kids with skills only learned with paper and crayons.

Paper and Crayon Developmental Skills

If I were delivering this review verbally, I might ask you to close your eyes and think about the what your body experiences while coloring. Try to remember these feelings as I describe them.

Sitting in a chair at a table, the smell of crayon wax faintly scents the air. As the paper is placed in front of me, the ability to crinkle it or rip it starts to remind me to be careful in how I touch and color on the page.  I pick the green crayon. Perhaps others choose the pink or blue one. I remember the importance of coloring gently and to control the crayons.  The paper around the crayon feels a little worn from using it so often. The crayon itself feels smooth and easy to carve into. I like carving crayons and consider doing so later.

Looking at the paper, with a wonderful floral design on it — maybe others’ are geometric, a race car or a superhero, I place the crayon down on a leaf and begin the process. Now I rely on both my hands and my eyes. My eyes tell me where to use the crayon. I work hard at coloring between the lines instead of outside of them.  I can see and feel if I press too hard or not hard enough. When I pay close attention, I can feel the crayon ease the wax onto the paper; it feels different coloring on various paper types. With my hands and eyes working together, I know what level of dexterity I need to finish my coloring project.

Coloring with Painting Lulu:

The experience cannot be completely duplicated by an app. Coloring on paper gives us a more textile experience. Does that mean we shouldn’t use coloring apps?  No! It means the Painting Lulu coloring sets are the right sets for developing artists.

Each Painting Lulu coloring set comes with a paper coloring book, six crayons and a crayon-shaped stylist for use with the Painting Lulu app. My daughter (10) colored a page from the My Little Pony book. She first remarked that the crayons didn’t put much color on the page, but when I looked at the picture I all I could see were rich, vibrant colors.

Experience the app

Once finished, my son and daughter found the app (available from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore) and installed in on the iPad using the code found in the book. With that finished my daughter was set free to enjoy the app.

She quickly discovered more than imagined. The easily scanned coloring page showed up on the screen. The colors remained vibrant and she could add to the page or choose to remove the color and color it all over again!

Kids Color on Paper and Tablets with the Painting Lulu Sets

We also discovered the ability to upload our own pictures and turn them into coloring pages. The fact that if you color over the lines the lines don’t disappear was not lost on us — neither was the ability to erase mistakes!

We had some fun taking selfies with the app and coloring them with one or two of the My Little Ponies too. As you can see, the erase feature does erase everything; however, with the undo feature, there is never a need to erase mistakes with the eraser.

Kids Color on Paper and Tablets with the Painting Lulu Sets

Unlike traditional coloring books, the Painting Lulu coloring sets allow budding artists to use the images over and over again while also allowing for the use of other images!

The Digital Stylist

The digital stylist is shaped like a big crayon and comes with a real crayon paper covering the center of it. Like many real crayons, the paper on our My Little Pony stylist was ripped off almost immediately. We discovered the stylist contains three pieces. The crayon tip and bottom as well as the plastic center. Though the ends come off, they have plastic caps inside which easily fit back on the stylist.

Connect with Painting Lulu

Coloring sets used with apps exist with other companies.  Crayola came out with one a couple of years ago.  None of them have impressed me as much as this one.  It should not be a surprise; the Painting Lulu coloring sets are well-honored by the following awards:

  • 2016 National Parenting Product Awards Winner
  • 2015 Dr. Toy’s Best Classic
  • 2015 Creative Child Book of the Year Award
  • Tillywig Toy Award Best Creative Fun Award Winner
  • 2015 The Toy Insider Top Summer Toys!

These incredible coloring sets by Painting Lulu hit the shelves at Toy R Us March 2017 and retail for $7.99 each.  Choose from My Little Pony, DC Super Friends, Barbie, and Batman, now available in updated packaging.

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