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Peaches: A Healthy Smoothie

Here we are between spring and summer and I’m thinking about an upcoming party themed “A peachy summer’s day”. It’s the kind of party where the gals get together to chit chat and share beauty and health tips. My friends have selected me to be in charge of everything that has to do with drinks. Specifically, healthy smoothies.


In line with the theme, I went ahead and purchased some fresh peaches and peach syrup to get started. When I arrived back home, I went online to search for ideas for the ultimate epic peach smoothie that we can serve at the party. I needed something that can be prepared and assembled easily for refills.

I found a recipe that did include peaches as one of the main ingredients but I also wanted to add other beneficial nutrients into the smoothie. So here I was, sitting next to the peaches and thought, “okay, it’ll be a smoothie, what goes great with peaches? It has to be a smoothie that cools us from the heat of the day. It has to be a healthy smoothie but disguised as an indulgent. Peach cobbler smoothie with chia seeds,” I thought to myself. It sounds yummy and it’s also healthy.

I decided to make my own recipe and try it out. Since I’m still testing it out, I’d only make one cup for now. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the peaches and peach syrup I bought. I used about a pound of fresh peaches, a six-ounce container of unflavored Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of peach syrup, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, about one-fourth cup of oatmeal, one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon, and finally honey to taste.

I put all the ingredients into a blender and set aside a package of chia seeds for the topping. Once everything was blended together, I poured myself a cup, topped the smoothie with chia seeds, and took a sip. It was wonderful, it wasn’t overpowering at all. It had just the right sweetness and tartness to it. Best of all, after drinking the smoothie, I felt full. I thought to myself, “this is my eureka moment!” I played around with the garnish for the smoothie.

I figured maybe it would look great being served in mason jars with colorful paper straws. I’ll even add a wedge of peach on the rim of the mason jars.

… And The Results Are In

I quickly made another batch, this time, I made enough for five of my friends to try. I called them over and told them I have completed my mission. I served them my peach cobbler smoothie with chia seeds. I used a tray and put each mason jar filled with the smoothie to serve it to them.

As I handed each one of them their smoothie, they said that the mason jars are a great idea for presentation. The paper straws were insanely cute, and the wedge of peach made them feel like they were at a tropical resort somewhere.

They took more than a sip, they all finished their smoothies, and I smiled while looking at them. I said, “so what do you gals think about the smoothie? Was it good?” They all screamed and said, “that was so so good. It’s delicious and I feel so full from drinking it. What’s in it anyway?” I said, “well you said it had to be healthy and it had to be aligned with the theme, so here we are!” “Great!

Let’s definitely serve these at our party. It’ll go great with the salad.”

Party Time

The day of the party had arrived. The day was hot but breezy. The décor was tastefully selected consistent with the theme and our guests were quickly arriving. We greeted them and showed them to the garden area where a shaded table was placed.

There, they were then served salad and the smoothie. As the day quickly came to an end, our guests chit chat amongst themselves. Amongst the chatter, I can hear comments about the food and about the smoothie. Some were asking if they had a copy of the recipe for the smoothie, others asked if they can bring a cup home with them.

The party eventually ended, and we all agreed that it was a success. My friends were thrilled about how everyone loved the healthy smoothies I made, and that the next time I will still be in charge of drinks. Evening came and I was left with feelings of accomplishment.

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