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Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness. I have a habit I need to break and I think I figured a way for me to do that without prescriptions or other products.

Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

I have a confession. I’m a smoker. I have smoked on and off since I was fifteen years old. Not too many people know this. When I was diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) I was told I needed to stop smoking. Easier said than done! My doctor said my priority was now to quit smoking and watch that I don’t become diabetic. When it comes to smoking, I only smoke maybe 10 cigarettes a day. Not that bad right? WRONG!

Since my diagnoses, I have learned that smoking causes the blood to slow down and causes damage to the organs. Yes, the kidneys and the heart as well as others. I quit cold turkey last time, but due to stress and issues I was having, I picked up the habit again. This time I needed to learn to do things differently.

How smoking worked in a normal day for me.

When I woke up every morning. I would get dressed and head out the door to take my kids to school. I was never one of those people that had to get up and smoke right away. Once I got home. I made sure the baby was watching television and eating a snack. I would step out on the front porch to smoke my first cigarette.

My second cigarette was a reward. If I had reviews to write, I would set a goal for myself. I would write X amount of reviews then go smoke. Normally, that is about 4 reviews. Once I would get done, I would sit down and write some more then put the baby down for a nap. When he was asleep, I would sneak out of the room and grab a cup of water and go have another one.

Once the baby woke up, I would get him lunch and let him watch television and step out again for my fourth cigarette. When I was done, I would come in, clean him up, clean the house, do more blogging if needed and wait till my kids got home. Once they got home and Ash could watch her son, I would go have a fifth cigarette. Then again when Gilbert got home, after dinner, and two more times before bed.

If I got a phone call, I would step out the house and smoke as I talked. I normally had that happen at night. I could smoke about 4 when I was on a 1.5-hour call. At times I would get sick if I smoked too much. Like I would want to throw up sick. I always wondered if it was nicotine overdose, but never asked the doctor because I knew I would get yelled at.

My Fears of Quitting.

I have never had a good relationship with food. I actually hate it. But I LOVE Dr. Pepper and Coke. I always heard stories of people switching out their smoking habit for food. It would cause them to gain weight and they ended up going back to smoking. I do not want to be THAT person. One thing I needed was to find a healthy way to quit and to make it last the rest of my life.

I promised my son I would quit once he graduated which I didn’t. That feels horrible. I always found an excuse to not quit. Life was stressful. The adoption was stressful. My life is stressful. I want to be here to watch my kids grow up and that was finally my reason to quit! I just needed to find a way for ME TO QUIT!

My plan to quit.

I am OCD. Knowing I can get obsessive over things, I didn’t want to do that with food, so I had to come up with a healthy alternative. I finally decided that I needed to get an exercise bike to workout. It is low-impact cardio which allows my lungs to handle my asthma better. I could also exercise inside so my allergies would not go off the chain. YES! I am a smoker with asthma and CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), I know this is not a good fit. At one point, I convinced myself that since I was put on Dulera I would be fine. I lied to myself. I am not fine!

Back to my plan to quit smoking . . . I needed an exercise bike first. My husband found a used one for cheap on Facebook Market Place and got the guy to deliver it to our house. I sat it up, went shopping for a new workout outfit and I was ready to go! Yes, I got a new workout outfit! You have to look good while working out, even if it’s in your own home. My next step, I had to implement my plan to make this work!

The first step of quitting.

Now that I have my exercise bike, I planned on working out in place of smoking. I started one day at a time! In the morning instead of smoking, I jump on my bike and I ride for 5 minutes. Once I was finished, I would go drink a bottle of water. Each week I will knock out another time of my normal smoking schedule.

When I get stressed, I find myself on my bike! It is getting easier and easier for me to not have that cigarette. The water fills me up and I do not catch myself eating when I am bored. I also find that I have more energy and I fall asleep and sleep better since I started to do this. I’m happy that I found a way to start quitting without having to take a pill, chew gum or wearing a patch. I am getting healthy and I am learning to adjust to situations. The weight-loss is an added bonus.

If you are wanting to find a way to quit smoking, I suggest you try this, tweak it to fit your lifestyle and quit. There are many ways to quit though, some people choose to quit by vaping (click here to see vapes) so it’s not like exercise is your only option. You will save money that you can spend on other things. Like new clothing or shoes. Your lungs and heart will improve in a matter of hours from the time you quit. If finding exercise equipment is an issue I suggest you check out the article Idea’s and Places to Buy Workout Equipment and the article 5 Way to Save Money while getting in Shape.

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