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Place Your Tiles and Get to the Other Side: Play Crozzit

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Place your tiles on the Crozzit board with one goal in mind. Beat your opponent to the other side of the board – twist and turn the whole way.

Place Your Tiles: Play Crozzit

Identity Games, maker of Poopyhead and The Mouthguard Challenge, now offers Crozzit. This fast-as-you-pace-it game keeps you on your fingertips moving as you work to complete a tile path across the board before your opponent does. Game-lovers reading OMG Goodies should not wait to read this review. This fun strategy game teaches kids while providing entertainment.

The Object of Crozzit:

Identity Games lists three Crozzit rules for players to remember:

  1.  Place your tiles anywhere on the board
  2. You can’t cross a tile of your opponent (you can cross your own)
  3. Connect one side of the board to the other to win

The ease of the game makes learning a cinch. The board contains plastic pins that hold your tiles in place. Two edges are blue and two edges are yellow. The players each match their path to the edge colors. Blue places tiles to get from one blue side to the other, and yellow places tiles to get to the other yellow side. Whatever you do, you do not want to let the other player reach their side first. That means paying attention to their strategy as well as your own. With only 18 spaces across the board and each tile having at least three squares (one has four and one has FIVE), everyone is always close to winning the game!

Playing with family:

We pulled Crozzit out during a family game time while visiting family out-of-state. The game is only a 2-player game, which makes it perfect for those times when everyone is doing their own thing. It’s a blast to watch as a spectator, too!

I played with my daughter a couple of times to get the hang of the game. It took very little time to understand, and more time to figure out how to win. I admit it, she beat me more than once. I need a few more do-overs.

After playing me, my daughter and my sister-in-law played a few rounds. At this point, both of them had figured out strategies to try. My sister-in-law was impressed by some of the moves my daughter blocked. She thought she was being sneaky, but it’s hard to get anything past my daughter!

Originally, the paths we created remained rather simple as we tried to take the easiest way to the other side while blocking the other player. In time, we developed strategies by placing tiles in various places across the board and then connecting them together in unexpected ways. The game kept everyone on their toes and can go quite quickly if both players know the strategies they intend to use and think quickly on their feet to block the other.

Crozzit is a game my family will play often with each other and friends. Simple rules with fast rounds make it a game perfect for all kinds of situations. Even better, the creation of the paths and finding different ways to get from one side to the other fits within the realm of STEM learning. Kids and adults alike increase their abilities in math and science by playing!

Connect with Identity Games:

Crozzit received the Creative Child Award Game of the Year 2017 from Creative Child Magazine. The learning the game provides, of course, is a big reason why!  This game teaches children to think outside the box while remaining inside of it. It teaches reasoning and strategy and uses math and science skills in the process.

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