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PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi Router

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The PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi Router is ideal for every home! You will love this as much as I do!

PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi Router

I got the chance to review the PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi Router. I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies: Life of a Mad Typer.

My Thoughts about PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi Router:

I had been having internet issues for a few months. Nothing seemed to help and I went through multiple techs coming to my house and still no luck. I was paying for 110mbps and was only getting around 30mbps, and that was when it was actually working. So, I started to shop around and found a place that was $40 cheaper a month for what I was getting — I made the switch.

While the internet worked much more consistently and I was getting the speeds I was paying for, I noticed the WiFi just didn’t cover my house. If I was laying in bed I had to lay on a certain side to get a connection. If I was on the other side it wouldn’t work. Going into the kitchen, I lost WiFi, and you can’t forget about the basement or the attic.

So, when the portal arrived I ran into the computer room and hooked it up. I love how easy it was to set up! It comes with an app that you can use to edit the settings and detect it. Unlike so many other routers, you can set this baby up and modify it without a computer! I know what your thinking, “Why have WiFi if you don’t have a computer.” Nowadays people use the WiFi connection for their phones and tv and may not even own a computer! It’s not as unusual as you may think.

PORTAL Gigabit Self-Optimizing Dual Band WiFi RouterAnyways back to the setup,

I had this puppy set up and installed in under 10 mins. The only reason it took that long was the existing WiFi took a bit to download the app. I can tell you the portal has changed my life! While the router my internet service gave me wouldn’t be able to support streaming when I use my Blu-ray player without pausing every 2-3 mins, this one plays them without skipping a beat. I can get WiFi while in bed without having to lay in a weird position to stay connected. I can play YouTube videos while I’m in the kitchen, no problem at all! Not even the attic or basement is a problem anymore.

I also love how clean and futuristic it looks. It’s about the size of an iPad mini and sits conveniently on top of my computer tower.

So if you need a router that will make your internet experience better then I highly recommend checking out Portal on Amazon.

From PR Newswire

Homes with a lot of devices and many neighboring WiFi networks suffer from speed-sucking, range-crushing congestion. For instance, if you see eight or more neighboring WiFi networks and experience unreliable and/or spotty WiFi, then you likely have a WiFi congestion problem. Mesh 2.0 marries patented congestion-busting technologies with enterprise-grade dynamic routing smart mesh to completely cover your home in super-fast, ultra-reliable WiFi.

In head-to-head real world tests, PORTAL Mesh 2.0 consistently outperformed the first generation static-Mesh solutions, such as Eero and Luma, with up to 10x faster speed, 4x greater coverage and 3x lower gaming lag.

“A single PORTAL is the fastest, smartest WiFi solution for most homes and apartments up to 3,000 square feet,” said Terry Ngo, CEO and Co-Founder of Ignition Design Labs. “Now with Mesh 2.0, PORTAL continues to be the fastest, smartest and widest coverage solution for even the largest homes and PORTAL works seamlessly with all your devices.”

“PORTAL Mesh 2.0 is a solution like no other,” said Johnny Cheng, Co-Founder and VP Engineering.“Consistent with our philosophy of providing our backers and customers with new capabilities and amazing features for the life of their PORTALs, Mesh 2.0 is a free automatic upgrade.”

PORTAL can also configure and optimize itself to changing conditions and actively protects itself from interference and intruders. As new features and capabilities become available, consumers can rest assured their PORTAL will be the smartest on the market.

PORTAL’s advanced technologies are built around powerful hardware and a sleek, elegant design with five Gigabit Ethernet and two USB ports. Setup is easy with the Portal smartphone app or an optional web GUI configuration to satisfy even the most expert users.Inside the smooth, elegant body are 10 state-of-the-art radios, strong external power amplifiers and nine conformal antennas that deliver impressive range and coverage.

PORTAL Features:

FastLanes™ – Patented multi-channel, zero-wait DFS technology that provides access to multiple uncrowded fast channels in the radar-protected portions of the 5GHz spectrum, yielding between 3x and 5x more wireless capacity than conventional retail routers today. FastLanes channels are compatible with all newer generation WiFi devices capable of 802.11n and 802.11ac and future devices capable of 802.11ax.
WiFi Autopilot – Active traffic interference detection and avoidance technology that dynamically steers your devices to the optimal fast lane and conventional channels to give your devices super fast, consistent and ultra-reliable WiFi access. WiFi Autopilot is built on patent-pending hybrid embedded-ML (Machine Learning) based wide-area, self-optimizing network technologies.

Pricing and Availability

PORTAL Twin Pack is available at Amazon for $319. A single PORTAL is on sale at Amazon for $179.87.



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