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Consistent and Positive Parenting Begins with Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz makes positive parenting easier by providing parents with rewards children can earn immediately no matter where they are. Watch as children learn to control their behaviors through positive reinforcement. These banz are perfect for young and special needs children.

Consistent and Positive Parenting with Kudo Banz

Understanding the need for positive parenting and the digital society of today, Amanda Naqvi developed Kudo Banz. Children earn immediate rewards based on the goals they set with their parents, and after earning three rewards get to track their progress digitally while spinning a wheel for the big prize! As an updated version of the sticker chart, Kudo Banz has captivated me. Learn more on OMG Goodies!

Schooltime blues:

When my son was in first grade I received wonderful feedback about from his teacher. She would tell me they sometimes had trouble but that they always worked it out — that she “got him”. Because of his autism, I checked in with her regularly and couldn’t believe the difference between 1st grade and kindergarten, then came March parent-teacher conferences.

“Oh, Mrs. Monson, I’m so glad you are here. I just, I just don’t know what to do anymore! I didn’t want to bother you, but I can’t keep going like this!”

My mind was reeling. What on earth was she talking about? We communicated. Things were always going well. I told myself to stay calm and listen.

A pile of ripped and wadded papers pushed into my hand showed me some of what was happening. The teacher continued, “This is what he does to his work, and he crawls under the desk and won’t come out. He cries about noise but there is no noise. I don’t know what to do anymore!”

Six months in the classroom and my son broke his teacher. He broke her after I told her about his needs for consistency, positive reinforcement, and quiet. The warnings that if he was allowed to get away with something once it would become an always-behavior had been ignored for the sake of sanity. My pleadings that she communicate openly about his difficult behaviors went unheeded in order to protect me — the protector. The feeling that I had let my child down by not keeping better track of my son’s classroom behaviors came tumbling down on me like a heap of hot, heavy bricks.

Picking up the pieces:

I assured the teacher I would help get everything under control and set up several meetings with other school officials to finally get my son the help he needed. Many accommodations, modifications, and goals later, my son was finally beginning to learn correct classroom behaviors. What was the biggest help? Positive consequences provided in the classroom. He earned stickers, treats, and computer time.

Lack of continued interest in stickers and the teachers’ desire to change the reward system to include options other than treats and immediate computer time meant attempting other methods. The struggle lasted several years. One look at Kudo Banz and I knew they would have saved the day! After all, positive parenting happens everywhere, not just at home!

My Thoughts about Positive Parenting with Kudo Banz:

We’ve all seen the silicone bracelets. They still make regular appearances in my house. Schools hand them out to remind kids to just say no and church groups hand them out to remind kids to make right choices. They are even available as medical alert bracelets. Fun, colorful, easy to put on, all kids seem to love them. Certainly, this is why Amanda Naqvi decided to use the same silicone bracelets as the base for Kudo Banz.

The Kudo Branz starter kit comes with a hardback storybook to introduce the Kudo Banz program to your kids, two silicone banz (red and blue) with the numbers 1,2, and 3, printed on them, and 6 “kudos” to clip to the bracelets as they are earned in similar ways to a sticker chart, as well as a carrying bag.

The Storybook:

The large, hardback storybook takes you and your children through an adventure with Nana, who helps her grandchildren clean their room. As they work in their “jungle” they each earn two kudos shaped like stars. The kudos click onto the bracelet with ease and are comfortable and durable. Once the bedroom is clean, the grandchildren earn their special kudos.


Nana scans the special kudos using the free app downloaded to her phone and the kids spin the wheel to see what special prize they won.  In the story, the grandchildren win reading a story with Nana.

In the back of the book, spaces are provided for you and your children to determine how they can earn their kudos. Be sure to write the ways in pencil so you can change them later.

The App:

The app allows you to customize rewards for your children.  Take and add pictures to make the wheel their very own. You can also use preset ideas like playing outside, bubble time, and reading a story. Each wheel holds between 3-8 choices.

I chose 4 options for my son’s wheel and took pictures of our computer screen for computer time, a flashlight for flashlight time, and an ice cream cone to represent treats. Taking your own pictures allows for very specific options – which some special needs children require. I then used the preset option for bubble time.

At Home:

At home, Kudo Banz helps children with everyday activities. Did they brush their teeth, make their bed, eat their dinner? Perhaps they picked up their toys, helped their little sister, or sat quietly during your meeting. No matter what behavior you and your children decide on, Kudo Banz helps increase your ability to practice positive parenting. You child will love earning each kudo, too,  and when they finally get to spin the rewards wheel smiles will abound in your home!

At School:

I set up my Kudo Banz app for school use. Using my son as an example, the goals set were:

  1. Participate in reading by finishing the assigned work (earned after reading)
  2. Take the paper and crayon offered without crying for a different color during art (earned at the end of art)
  3. Do not crawl under the desk more than 3 times during the day (earned in the last few mins of the day with enough time for the reward.)

Once he spins the wheel (pictured above) and the reward is given, his avatar moves up a level on the gameboard!


Benefits of Kudo Banz:

Kudo Banz recently won the 2017 Kids Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine. There is no question why. Kudo Banz helps integrate positive parenting in a modern way! Once all the kudos are earned, the process can start over. As good behaviors become habits, goals can change! With consistency, children and parents work together to instill good behaviors and habits in fun ways. Unlike sticker charts, children keep the earned kudos with them throughout the day and they won’t fall off, curl, or become damaged like stickers applied to clothing do.

Teachers and students with special needs can work together with Kudo Banz. Children with special needs often need immediate rewards more often than children their same age. By allowing special needs children to earn kudos in the classroom, rewards are immediate, provided at the school, and are school appropriate.

Connect with Kudo Banz:

Purchase your Kudo Banz Starter Kit by visiting the Kudo Banz website. Use the coupon code BloggerDeal111 to receive 50% off your choice of a Kudos Collection with the purchase of a Starter Kit! Offer expires August 15, 2017. Make positive parenting a priority.

Watch for a Kudos Banz Giveaway starting July 3, 2017, and ending July 18, 2017, here on OMG Goodies!


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