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Potty Training a Puppy

I wasn’t really prepared for the long task of potty training my puppy. Since you may be getting one soon it’s best I tell you the essentials.
Potty training a puppy wasn’t too hard to figure out. But I wish someone had given me advice which would have made the process a bit shorter.
With some of the best tips listed here, you’re sure to potty train your puppy better than I did.
Why Is Potty Training Important?
You probably already know the utmost reason why potty training is important. Your home won’t be filled with unwanted messes.
This can lead to lingering smells and stains—you never want this. Potty training your puppy avoids this outcome.
The other reason why potty training is important—that most people don’t realize—is it establishes dominance.
Think about it. If you left your puppy to do whatever it wants you won’t be able to control it. It goes from messing in the house to shredding items very fast.
Begin with potty training. Your puppy will learn to always listen to you and build good habits.

How To Potty Train Your Puppy

This is where the fun begins. You don’t need a miracle worker to help you with the training. You only need a strict training regime. Within 10 to 12 weeks your puppy can be fully potty trained.

Allocating a Potty Area

Preferably this area should be in the garden. The soft bristles of the grass make for a more comfortable area for your puppy to relieve itself than hard floors.
Take your puppy to the same spot every time it needs to potty. Puppies identify most places through scents. These scents mark the place as a familiar area where relieving itself is allowed.
In recognizing the comfortable and familiar area your puppy won’t be tempted to go anywhere else.
Setting a Potty Time
Potty time is set based on:
– The time of day
– Feeding time

The Time of Day

Puppies also need to potty when they wake up in the morning. Every morning take your little pup outside to teach it the good habit of relieving itself first, outside.
Before bedtime, you must also take your puppy outside so it doesn’t sleep with a full stomach. During the night no potty urges will arise.
Once the habit develops you’ll wake up in the morning with no unwanted messes.

Feeding Time

Monitor when your puppy eats. Within a couple minutes, it may need to relieve itself, which is when you must take him or her outside.
When you do this after every meal your puppy will learn that when it has eaten and has potty urges it must go outside immediately.
After a couple of weeks, you are free to leave food and water bowls out at all times. Your puppy will potty without your help.
Since you want your puppy to potty outside by itself always leave a door open. This avoids accidental messes.

Give Rewards

I’ve learned that giving treats for good behavior speeds up the potty training. My puppy loves the treats and wants more. Since it only gets it for good behavior it sticks to required conduct.
When it got slightly older I rewarded the puppy by showing affection and playing with it. Puppies love this treatment too and never stops wanting it.

These rewards reinforce good behavior.

Potty Training Is Everyone’s Responsibility
It can be frustrating when you want to potty train your puppy but no one else follows through with it. Make everyone part of the process.
Whoever allowed the puppy to mess inside must clean the mess. This “punishment” will surely make everyone stick to the program.
You’re now ready to potty train your puppy. Remember to always have patience. Your wishes will eventually become reality.

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