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4 Reasons to Buy R.M. Palmer Chocolate for Halloween

4 Reasons to buy R.M. Palmer Chocolate for Halloween this year! Besides the fact that they are chocolate and delicious, here are 4 reasons you need to buy R.M. Palmer!

4 Reasons to buy Palmer Chocolate for Halloween this year

R.M. Palmer chocolates are ideal for handing out to trick or treaters. I got to review four bags of their Halloween chocolate blends. They are Tricky Treats Mix,  Mummy Munchies, Trick or Treat Mix, and Monster Munch Mix. I am excited to tell you about them here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about R.M. Palmer –

Halloween is such a great time of year! Trying to find the right chocolate to give to trick or treaters can be a difficult job for some of us. When I received the opportunity to review some R.M. Palmer Chocolate, I decided readers would most appreciate my 4 Reasons to buy R.M. Palmer Chocolate for Halloween this year!

1. Great R.M. Palmer Chocolaty Blends

Trick or Treats Mix contains individually wrapped Fun, Colorful, Fudge Filled Skulls; Decorated Peanut Butter Cups; and Double Crisp® Witches.

Mummy Munchies is almost four pounds worth of Palmer Fudge Filled Boos, Double Crisp® Skulls, Chocolaty Plumpkin Pals, Double Crisp® Goog-Ly Eyes, and Peanut Butter Cups, in an awesomely resealable bag!

Monster Munch Mix is a huge bag of decorated Peanut Butter Cups, Double Crisp® Monster Munny®, Fudge Filled Boos, and milk chocolate flavored Zombies.

Tricky Treats Mix contains a milk chocolate flavored assortment of Goog-ly Eyes, Monsters and Pumpkin discs.

2. Great Prices

R.M Palmer value bags are a great price when compared to the competition, and they’re just as good — if not better! Smaller bags (which are still rather big) of the mixes mentioned above cost between $5 and $8, while the larger bags run between $10 and $12.

3. Great Halloween Themed Wrappers

The wrappers in each mix are very colorful and feature everyone’s favorite Halloween characters from mummies, vampires, and werewolves, to ghosts and more. The addition of green, orange, and white colored decorations on some of the pieces are pretty awesome.

4. Kid-Friendly Easy to Remove Wrapping

Besides the chocolates in the Trick or Treat Mix bag (which are individually pouched), these candies are nicely wrapped in foil and well-covered, while remaining easy for kids to undo. They won’t be asking parents to open the pieces for them anymore.


I adore R.M. Palmer’s Halloween candy for various reasons. They’re an exceptional brand that is often underestimated quality-wise. However, manufacturing yummy treats has been the business of R.M. Palmer since 1948, and the company is currently the 25th largest confectioner across the country. Quality-wise, they rank perfectly tasty for me. The chocolate has a smooth, creamy taste and isn’t too sweet for my sensitive teeth. Trust me, they’re nowhere near bitter either.

My daughter usually hates peanut butter and every peanut butter cup she’s ever had. Somehow, someway, R.M. Palmer’s Decorated Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter Filled Plumpkins pushed well past her dislike and pushed her into an obsessive love for them. If that doesn’t convince you about their quality, I don’t know what will. We’re enjoying the delicious chocolate as I type. These awesome chocolates should be easily found at a store near you; however, if you aren’t sure where to look you can always check out their locator online at RMPalmer.com.

You Can Win R.M. Palmer Halloween Candy!

Enter for a chance to win 4 bags of R.M. Palmer Halloween Candy. There is 1 bag of each of these items: Tricky Treats Mix,  Mummy Munchies, Trick or Treat Mix, and Monster Munch Mix. Then check out the Giveaway HOP below and enter those as well!

Rules of Sweepstakes 



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Learn more from R.M. Palmer and check out the products they offer.

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  1. Jerry Marquardt

    I will be passing candy out early and then making a nice “scary” dinner later on Halloween.

  2. maria simon

    I am going as a witch this year

  3. Laura

    My niece is dressing up as a princess!

  4. Trisha McKee

    I am dressing up as Betty Boop. My teenage daughter is dressing up as a nun.

  5. Laurie Nykaza

    My kids help hand out candy were wearing pumpkin shirts this year

  6. Amy Deeter

    my one daughter is gonna be a shopkins, and my other is going to be a cheetah

  7. rebecca day

    My daughter wants to be a cat

  8. Corey Olomon

    My son is dressing as a Power Ranger.

  9. Carl White

    What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween?

    I am going as Jared Fogle, the girls will be wearing school girl outfits and the boys will be dressed as cops putting me in cuffs.

    Just a joke by the way for you Trump supporters who do not realize this.

    1. Jessica Pulido

      As a women married to a Trump supporter, I find your joke hilarious! I want to see pictures if you actually do it! My husband who is a Trump supporter finds it funny as well.

  10. jules m.

    my daughter hasn’t said what she is going to dress up as but i’m sure it will be something clever!

  11. Tina Reynolds

    Were doing wizard of oz theme I am the wicked witch my daughter dorthy my youngest the cowardly lion my oldest son is the scrawcrow and my husband the tinman

  12. bonita english

    I myself always dress up to hand candy out to our trick or treaters this year i am going to be fairy godmother last year I was a giant pumpkin. Kids love it

  13. Angel Garrett

    We aren’t dressing for trick or treat this year we are going to just pass out candy.

  14. Kristina Potter

    My three year old had decided he was gonna be a wizard months ago.. SO just last week he found a star wars costume and swore it was a wizards costume, we then found a light up wand, and my little man had to have black boots. My daughter, and his sister being 13 had started calling him a Stizzard. So now every where we go my little man says I’m a Stizzard!!!

  15. Laurie Emerson

    My daughter is going as a ballerina and my son is going to be a turtle.

  16. kelly g

    My boy is going to be a Ghostbuster.

  17. shawna

    My kids are going as Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.

  18. laura ari

    I will have a football player in the house.

  19. JL Maurer

    My boys are going as storm troopers

    1. Sara

      I’m going to be day of the dead

  20. Melissa Grubb

    My son is dressing up as Captain America for Halloween. He loves superheroes!

  21. Sonya Allstun

    My kids are grown, no more dressing up.

  22. Barbara Fox

    My granddaughter will be a monster.

  23. Dawn Monzu

    Well, my kids are all grown up…but I have a granddaughter that lives in Alaska. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Anyway…she is going to be a Mama fox with a stuffed animal as her baby, and she wants me to be a fox too. I will probably try and find some fox ears and use eyeliner for whiskers or something. haha Happy Halloween everyone, and please be safe!!!

  24. heather eg kaufman

    Ironman & a puppy.

  25. Melissa Smith

    My daughter is going as Frisk from Undertale

  26. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    We don’t have any children, and we don’t celebrate halloween….but we do love chocolate! Thanks and God bless!

  27. Denise W

    My daughter would like to dress up as Skelator. We shall see. She also has her eyes set on Dracula. Either one.

  28. Amber Terry

    I probably won’t be dressing up as anything this year..other than myself…which might be scary enough? 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. raychg

    mine are dressing up as Dorothy and a Scarecrow

  30. Terry Bellender

    Well since my girls are all grown and out of the home now I think I won’t dress up..oooo who am I kidding…I gotta be a witch or a mummy this year lol!

  31. Jennifer Reed

    I have a pirate princess and two alien wanderers this year.

  32. susan smoaks

    this year i plan on being a ghost. we might be a little family of ghosts. it think that will be cute.

  33. wen budro

    I think that this year, we will all be zombies.

  34. Janice Crespo

    My grandson is dressing up as the Paw Patrol Rubble.
    Janice Crespo recently posted…Giveaways Ending October 17, 2016My Profile

  35. Jan Lee

    My great niece wants to be Rapunzel. My great nephew wants to be Spiderman. I don’t dress up for Halloween any more. I’d rather watch the kids and hand out treats 🙂

  36. Jeanna Massman

    My grandson is dressing up as a LEGO Brick.


    she is going as the snow queen

  38. Geri Sandoval

    My youngest granddaughter is dressing up like Wonder Woman

  39. Sonya Sanderson

    My kids are grown, no more dressing up.

  40. beth shepherd

    We are dressing up as zombies.

  41. Katrina Angele

    My son wants to go as a spider…not spider man but a spider.

    1. Jessica Pulido

      Our little guy is going as a spider as well!

  42. Lisa V

    My grandbaby is going as Thomas the Train.

  43. Brittney House

    I will be dressing up as a Ghost Buster.

  44. Kathy Hanley

    My kids are dressing up in scary costumes!

  45. Ellie Wright

    My boys haven’t decided, but my granddaughter is going to be Pebbles.

  46. Jessica Garcia

    We are all vampires , witches and Count Dracula this Halloween.

  47. daphne

    A wispy ghost

  48. The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia

    All 3 boys are dressing as Batman, my oldest daughter is not dressing up, 2nd oldest is not sure yet and my youngest daughter will be a unicorn.

  49. Jill Myrick

    My son will be a ninja and my daughter will be a fairy princess this year.


  50. Kimberly Flickinger

    My kids are of the four legged variety, fur babies. I am entering this for my friend’s kids.

  51. brenda white

    housewives of nj

  52. Rachel Freer

    My 5 year old will be either Captain America or the yellow wiggle. He can’t decide. My 13 year old says he is too old to dress up.

  53. Michelle C

    My kids are going to dress as a pirate and a peacock.

  54. Kyl Neusch

    going as star wars characters

  55. Jackie

    My daughters are not sure what they will dress as for Halloween yet.
    Thank you!

  56. Donna Teller

    We are all dressing up as different Pokémon.

  57. katie smith

    My 18 month old little girl is going to be a black kitty 🙂

  58. Stephanie Phelps

    My granddaughter is going to be Winnie the Pooh!

  59. Erica B.

    I’m not sure yet!

  60. joy f

    Witch and ballerina. Thanks.

  61. laura g

    I haven’t talked to the girls about what they are dressing up as this year. I don’t know if hubby and I will or not.

  62. jeani b

    my oldest daughter is going as pikachu and my youngest is batgirl!


    Our daughter is dressing up like little red riding hood!

  64. Heather D

    One plans to be Pikachu and the rest are still undecided.

  65. Kim Keithline

    My grandkids are dressing up as the characters from monsters inc Mike, Sully

  66. carol

    I am not dressing up for Halloween but my twin grandkids will be Mickey and Minnie mouse

  67. Susan Chester

    I will be dressing as a gypsy this Halloween.

  68. Debbi Wellenstein

    We still haven’t made up our minds what we are doing for Halloween-but we are working on it!

  69. Monique Rizzo

    My daughter is being a shark. Thank you for the giveaway.

  70. Lana Bradstream

    My daughter will be a vampire. My son will be a Minion

  71. April

    My son is going to be Spiderman and my daughter is going to be a Black Cat.

  72. Ashley C

    We are all going as star wars characters!

  73. Cynthia C

    The kids are grown. I’ll be handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

  74. Danielle Marie

    no kids yet but i am gonna be the childlike empress from the neverending story~!

  75. fran

    not sure yet – sometimes I like to dress up when giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

  76. Stacy F.

    So far it has gone from bat to dracula to COUNT MICK_ULA ! So I think somewhere in between is where she will settle! 🙂

  77. Jeffrey

    My youngest is going to be a pig butcher and the oldest is going as a werewolf.

  78. Stephanie Liske

    My daughter is dressing up as Harley Quinn.

  79. Mary Rutter

    My kids are grown up. I’m not sure if my daughter is dressing up or not this Halloween.

  80. Melina Ramirez

    My daughter is going to be a donut and my son a cowboy.

  81. Connie Lee

    I don’t have any kids the age for trick or treating, but I would pass out the candy to the neighborhood kids that came knocking on the door on Halloween night.

  82. Margaret Smith

    I don’t dress up, but my sons are dressing up as a pirate and a doctor

  83. McKim

    My grandsons are going as a sheriff and a prisoner.

  84. patricia skinner

    I do not dress for Halloween anymore. The grand kids live too far away.

  85. Brenda Guardado

    I want to be Deadpool! The movie was hilarious and he is my favorite superhero. He doesn’t give two shits.

  86. Cassandra

    The costumes are top secret for now.

  87. Dawn Horns

    Daughter and her friends are going for a goth theme. A bunch of 11yr in black clothes and black lipstick.

  88. Sheralle

    My son is obsessed with all things Ninja Turtles, but we will be spending several hours trying to figure out what color. I think my little girl will be an old lady this year.

  89. Heather B

    My son is going to be a fireman and my daughter Red Riding Hood

  90. Susan Hartman

    I sit on my front porch with my 2 dogs on Halloween. I do dress them up. Rocky will be a spider and Ditsy will be a beach babe. We get a lot of trick or treaters. Its so much fun!

  91. John H.

    We are going as The Adam’s Family.

  92. Jennifer H.

    We are dressing up like the Adam’s Family!

  93. Barbara R.

    I am dressing up as a banana to hand out the candy.

  94. Renea G

    This year we are recycling our old costumes and adding 2 new ones. My 9 yr old stepson is going to be TMNT raphael and the other new costume belongs to my 9 yr old niece who will be snow white, complete with a new black wig. I cannot believe I found that wig marked down to $8 at wally world last after halloween. Yay!

  95. Tiffany Cheryl Highland

    We are just handing out candy this year.

  96. Sarah L

    I have a great banana costume that is lots of fun.
    Thanks for the contest.

  97. Susan Smith

    My daughter is dressing up at Cinderella.

  98. Trista Anderson

    My daughter is going to be periwinkle (tinkerbells sister)

  99. Darlene Owen

    My granddaughter is going to be a lobster.

  100. Steph

    Supergirl and fireman!

  101. Dana Rodriguez

    We have a party to go to but undecided about what kind of costumes! I have been looking for ideas!

  102. Terra Heck

    I will be dressing up as a zombie witch and my husband will be dressing up as a mummy. Thanks.

  103. sarah k

    I don’t have any idea yet 🙂

  104. Annamarie V

    I don’t think I will be dressing up this year, hoping to be on a road trip around that time and maybe we will be in a fun town with lots of Halloween fun going on.

  105. heather s

    A princess is the plan so far

  106. Edye

    I’m wearing a masquerade mask and a black skirt.
    Edye recently posted…31 Pumpkin Treats For Fall!My Profile

  107. Marilyn Nawara

    My granddaughter is dressing up as a football player this year.


    We are thinking of dressing my son as Mario.

  109. Melissa Storms

    My son is 12, he goes back in forth on dressing up or not. It is going to be a last minute scramble if he decides to hang with his friends this year.

  110. Alison King

    I’m going to be a flapper this year.

  111. Jennifer Rogers

    Pokemon Go and Clown!!

  112. Lissa Crane

    My kiddos are going to be a mermaid, a cat, a wolf, and a football player!

  113. Wendy R.

    I honestly don’t know what we will be dressing up as this year!

  114. barbg

    My kids are grown so they don’t do that anymore. I may pass out candy dressed as a witch I like to do that. I love me some candy so I like this giveaway.

  115. polly

    Our 8 year old grandson is going to be a magician and our 3 year old grandson is going to be a bunny

  116. Danielle Day

    He has not decided yet maybe a zombie!

  117. Sarah Gillespie

    My daughter wants to be a ghost….waiting to see if she changes her mind haha. My son I’m dressing up as Tommy Pickles hahaha

  118. Renee Walters

    My son is dressing up as a power ranger.

  119. Jennifer Wilson

    I’m dressing up as a banana.
    Jennifer Wilson recently posted…Should You Keep The News of a Sweepstakes or Contest Win Quiet?My Profile

  120. Amy Franz

    My 11yr old is going to be a witch, our 3yr old is going to be a unicorn!

  121. katie bellamy

    My son wants to be a TMNT, Raphael! 🙂

  122. Charlene S.

    They are going as Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

  123. Christine Labelle

    They haven’t decided yet. They wait until the last minute every year and ask me to work miracles! 🙂

  124. Linda Walker

    My daughter is going to be an ostrich.

  125. Dawn Monroe

    My grandkids keep changing their mind but so far I will have a Mario, a Dracula, a princess zombie and a turkey.

  126. Shannon

    My son is dressing up as a superhero.

  127. Tiff S

    I don’t have any kids.

  128. violet taylor

    they are going to be a princess, little red riding hood and harry potter

  129. rebeccabasset

    My Kids are Grown, I am not sure if they will be dressing up to go to Parties or not.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  130. Richard Brandt

    I’m throwing on an orange shirt and calling myself the Great Pumpkin.

  131. Tara Liebing

    My son is dressing up as a zombie for halloween this year.

  132. Amanda M.

    My girls are going to be Princess Elena of Avalor and a Pokemon Trainer.

  133. Ryan Spencer

    My son wants to be a shadow and my daughter wants to be a fox.

    1. Jessica Pulido

      That is super cute!

  134. Cathy French

    We don’t have any kids dressing up this Halloween.

  135. Angela W

    The want to be “creepers” from Minecraft.

  136. Jeanna

    My daughter is going to be a cheerleader!

  137. Sara Theissen

    I want to dress up as Mia and Vincent from Pulp Fiction!

  138. June S.

    I do not know what my three year old grandson is going dressed up as yet, but last year he was a really cute shark!

  139. Ann Fantom

    My daughter is dressing up as a vampiress for Halloween

  140. Dan Denman

    I will probably dress as a zombie and pass out candy.

  141. Janet W.

    My grandson is going to be Buddy from Dinosaur Train this year!

  142. Jennifer W

    My daughter is dressing up as witch.

  143. janetfaye

    I don’t know if or what my grandson will be dressing up as.

  144. Megan Cromes

    mine dresssin up as spiderman

  145. Jessica Pulido

    Our little guy is going to be a Spider!

  146. Stephanie Grant

    My son is dressing up as a StormTrooper this year!

  147. AC

    No kids. And I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore. Sadly, I don’t do much at all for Halloween. Wish I did, though.

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