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Rocketship – Non-Profit Education

Teaching is an indispensable profession that too often goes overlooked or under-appreciated. In reality, teachers are at the forefront of our country’s education. Parents support learning and schools may guide curriculum, but it is the teachers themselves that carry out the lesson plans on a daily basis, engage with their students to ensure acquisition and work hard to improve the teaching environment. Without dedicated teachers, students would not be able to grow up as functional and knowledgeable as they do.

Rocketship - Non-Profit Education

Beyond teaching students necessary academia, teachers also serve as a role model for our children. During the school year, kids spend a large portion of their day with teachers. With parents working and nights spent sleeping, the waking day is spent at school. This means that children have teachers as primary role models during the school year. This special opportunity is another reason that teaching is such a critical job. Teachers are able to display role model attributes by helping teach children how to act through action as well as speech.


For these reasons and many more, we need to take a second to say ‘thank you’ to teachers. We must thank teachers across the country, in both private and public schools, for the endless hours of effort and dedication they put towards helping ensure our children learn and grow. This appreciation should be shown often throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be a massive gesture, as even a small ‘thank you’ can mean a lot for a teacher.


Rocketship Education is a network of elementary public schools that focus solely on low-income communities. Rocketship is operating nationwide with locations in Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Nashville and the Bay Area. This public charter school has remained a non-profit since its inception in 2006. The primary goal of Rocketship Education is to bring excellent schools to areas that may be lacking access to such institutions.


More specifically, Rocketship is listed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. These network of schools all utilize the same model that personally matches individual students with their needed content at the right time while using the best form of instruction. Rocketship Education is a teacher-led institution with access to technological support. Rocketship’s goal is to build a sustainable and scalable school model that helps to boost student success in underserved areas in the United States. Their primary mission is to get rid of the achievement gap that exists in many schools and communities.


Another unique aspect of this public charter school is that they focus on engaging the parents in the education of the students. Too often, parents don’t have a part in the schooling of their children. Rocketship seeks to change this by having the parents participate in the learning process and the school community overall. This helps to ensure that parents become engaged long-term in the academic success of their children. This is a critical aspect of creating a successful learning environment for students both in the classroom and out in the world.

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