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Saving Money Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: 8 Inspiring Tips

Saving Money Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: 8 Inspiring Tips

Saving Money Doesn't Have to Be Hard: 8 Inspiring Tips

Saving money isn’t the easiest thing to do, in fact, it is something 90% of American’s struggle with. We are all guilty of wanting to spend our money rather than save it even though we know we need to save. Saving is something that we should all be doing in order to prepare for the unknown, reach personal goals, and to have a promised future.

Have you been telling yourself you’re going to start saving for the past few years and still haven’t seen your account grow a single dollar? Either you have a spending problem or you just can’t get yourself to put your hard earned money into a holdings box, saving just isn’t your friend. However, we all know we have too, one way or another. The good news is, saving money doesn’t need to be that hard at all! When it comes to the holiday season, a lot of people struggle with saving. January can be a long month for many of us, so it is in your best interest to consider how much money you spend and how much you put aside for your future. There’s nothing wrong in treating yourself, but not to the extent of you not having enough to live off for the month. We can all struggle when it comes to finances, which is why a site like Queen of Reviews may be something you didn’t know you needed. You’ll soon be on your way to saving money efficiently and have enough left over for yourself without feeling guilty. If you are struggling to make the commitment of saving, here are some inspiring tips:

  • Record Your Expenses

The first step to saving is to watch how much money you spend each week. If you keep track of all your expenses, then you will see where it is all going such as coffee, newspapers, or snacks. Once you have all your data compiled together you will be able to see where you are spending the most and where you need to spend less. By tracking your spending habits, you’ll also be able to get your name out of ChexSystems and other credit monitoring records that could be damaging your good name and credit score. Once you get an idea of how much your spending on certain areas of your life it will help you make the next step in saving. It is also important to break down your spending in order to make a budget. Another key point when it comes to expenses to ensure you are not paying excessive amounts for things like car insurance. Even if you simply want to make sure you are on the right plan for you, then you may like to check out Money Expert. It might just free up some extra cash, without having to live more frugally.

  • Make a Budget

Your next step would be to make a budget. Once you have all your spending’s acquired for, you know where your money is going, and you have a better idea as to where you want it to go. Now you can organize all your spending’s on an organized budget plan. This also may require you to make certain spending cuts in certain areas of your life or even cut certain expenses out completely. Sure, you want to splurge once in a while on your hobbies, such as by preparing for the summer with all new camping gear, but do you really have the budget to do so?

Your budget should measure up to your income, and it should never be a dollar more then what you are making. Be sure to factor in things that do not occur every month such as car maintenance, vision treatment appointments, dentist appointments, or payments for your website hosting service. Lastly, you need to make a space for how much money you are willing to save each month.

  • Start Saving Money

Now that you have an idea of what you’re spending each month and what you plan on saving, the next step is actually saving! Ideally, you want to save at least 10 to 15 percent of what you make each month. If your spendings are so high it doesn’t leave enough room for 10% of savings then you need to makes some minor adjustment in your budget, for example, maybe you cancel your Netflix subscription.

  • Choose What Your Saving For

Sometimes we need a little motivation behind what we are saving for in order to make ourselves do it. The best ways to save money is by setting a personal goal. Whether you want to do a full home renovation, send your kids to college, get a mattress for guaranteed superior sleep, or save for early retirement, whatever it may be, make it your priority when you decide to put money away.

  • Make Priorities

Now you have your expenses, your budget, and your goals in play, all you need to do is make saving your priority. Be sure to remind yourself of your long-term goals and prioritize them so you have a clear idea as to why you’re saving. Sometimes we need to make saving a necessity in our lives in order to actually do it.

  • Using the Right Money-Saving Tools

There are many apps and programs that are here to help us save our money. Determine whether your savings goals are long-term or short-term before choosing a savings company or a savings app. A lot of apps today help you make online budget plans and sync it to your online bank accounts in order to have accountability!

  • Make an Automatic Savings

If you are struggling with accountability and making that first step to putting money in savings, it’s okay to admit you need help. Signing up for automatic savings might be the best idea. An automatic savings will direct deposit a set amount from your checking to your savings daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Watch Your Money Grow

You can watch your money grow by gambling to win the jackpot, or you can go the sure-fire route by simply saving money. Seeing the results is the best form of motivation. Check back into your savings account six months down the road, you will feel satisfied and motivated to keep on saving! There is nothing like seeing that big dollar sign in your account.

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