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7 Reasons You NEED Scentsy in Your Life!

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Scentsy offers incredible products to give your home an amazing fragrance as well as unique items. Here are 7 reasons you NEED Scentsy in your life!

7 Reasons you NEED Scentsy in your life

Valerie Chauvin is a talented seller of an amazing product line called Scentsy. I met her during a Scentsy party a blogger friend of mine had. I actually got a chance to try some of their products and I am super happy to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

7 reasons you NEED Scentsy in your life!

If you are anything like me, you like to keep your house smelling fantastic. I have tried so many melting waxes in my home — none of which have lasted long. I either get used to the fragrance or the wax doesn’t smell at all after a day. Sometimes the wax smells horrible and I toss it out. After learning a few things and getting to try Scentsy, I knew right away I need to tell you all about it!

Below are 7 Reasons you NEED Scentsy in your life.

Scentsy have the cutest Wax Warmers

I have been the lover of wax warmers for a very long time. If you look back through reviews, I have reviewed a few of them. What I like best about the Scentsy Warmers is their style! Scentsy offers a vast variety each season.

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE skulls and LOVE Halloween. Scentsy offers some of the cutest warmers for Halloween! Did I mention that there are options on your warmers? They have the normal counter one that you plug in and it has the light under the heating plate. They also offer a plugin warmer that you plug into your wall plate. Scentsy even offers several diffusers! Someday I will have a diffuser in my room!

I got the chance to review the one pictured above. This one is not like the normal warmers. I like how this one is not heated by a light. It has a flat, hot surface for the wax bowl to sit on. It warms up fast and melts the wax. My 17-year-old stole it from me as soon as it arrived. No luck getting it back. I guess Happy 17th birthday to her!

Scentsy offers the best wax bars around


I am normally cheap when it comes to wax warmers for my home. Since I started using the wax bars from Scentsy all of that has changed. I ordered a few that I thought I would like. Like does not describe my feelings, though . . . I LOVE THEM! The saying you get what you pay for is 100 times true.

The first wax my daughter picked to try, once our order arrived, was lilac. I am 100% nostalgic as I walk through my house while this fragrance scents the air. It brings back summer days in my hometown — back when I was a little girl and the lilac bushes were in full bloom. The fragrance takes me back to days that were less stressful and put smiles on my face.

I love how they are only $5.00 per wax bar. If you are like me and you want more bang for your buck, I suggest you order 5 of them for $25.00 and get a 6th one free! That’s what I did and that is what I will be doing again! I have to get more lilac to hoard away! I just hope Scentsy comes out with a honeysuckle wax bar next season!

Scentsy offers Natural & Essential Oils

Essential Oils are such a hot trend right now. I LOVE to use peppermint in my bedroom. It helps me to breath better. I’ve never had a diffuser, so I always put a few drops of peppermint oil in my humidifier to help me breathe and to help my asthma.

When I noticed that Scentsy offered Natural and Essential Oils, I was blown away by what they had to offer. Scentsy offers a nice variety of oils for you to pick from. I plan on buying are the Calm, Boost, Peppermint, Rest, and Tea Tree. Each bottle is $10.00 to $26.00 depending on which one you want.

You get what you pay for

I love this saying. You truly do. If you want a cheap product, pay a cheap price. If you want quality, you have to pay more for it. The best part about Scentsy is that they have bundles to help protect wallet. If you want to buy a warmer you can order a bundle with six Scentsy bars to go with it. That’s just one of the deals they offer.

They offer a variety of bundles to help save you money. One of the best you can get is 6 Scentsy Bars for $25.00. The bars are $5.00 a piece. When you buy six, you are actually getting the 6th for free! Who doesn’t love free! When I made my first order with Valerie, I ordered 5. She told me about the bundle deal and I was able to get a 6th for FREE! I was excited!

Valerie Chauvin knows her stuff

I had so many questions for Valerie. I wanted to make sure I understood everything about the products she was offering. She is 100% honest and is willing to help you with whatever you need. She will help you get a better bang for your buck instead of her making more money for herself. That alone makes me want to buy exclusively from her.

She is educated about the products and all the ways to use them. I asked for a way to get rid of the smell in the diaper pail we have and she had the perfect suggestion to help us get rid of the smell.

You can buy from Valerie Year Round

As the season changes, so do the scents that remind us of that season. For Fall and Christmas, cinnamon and spruce tree are fragrances that help me get into the mood of Halloween and Christmas. Pretty crazy it is those two holidays that have the same scents to me. With the change of season, most of us have decor change in our home too.

Scentsy offers new burners that match the season and bars to go with the new season too. When I started to look at Scentsy, I was looking for one scent to get me into the Spring mood. That scent is Lilac. Thank goodness to Valerie! I asked about lilac and honeysuckle and she was not aware of them being in the Spring scents, but she double checked everything and found out they offered a lilac and violet bar!

They offer more than just Wax and Warmers

I never knew that Scentsy offered more than just warmers and wax. For some reason, that’s all I thought they had. WRONG! They offer so much more. A few of those items are below.

  • Dryer Disks
  • Laundry Liquid
  • Hand Soap
  • Kitchen Soap
  • Counter Cleaner
  • Cream Shave Soap
  • Rich Body Wash
  • Bath Smoothie for Kids

That is just a few of the items they have to offer. To see all they have to offer head on over to Scentsy today! If you find something you like, feel free to order it! You do not have to be a part of a party to place orders! Also feel free to join Valerie’s Facebook Group today! You will be informed of the latest deals and newest releases!

If you would like to be a part of my party, feel free.Join us on Facebook at Jessica’s Scentsy Party today! Make sure when you order, that it says Jessica’s Party at the top! ORDER TODAY!

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