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SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream

Feel younger and retain your youthful glow with SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream.



SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream

SkinPro has great products to make your skin feel and look better.  Their new Elite Telomere Night Cream is no exception!  OMG Goodies readers are going to love this product.


My Thoughts on SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream:

My first thought after finding SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream was:  What is a telomere?  So I started doing some research.  A telomere is found at the end of DNA strand and protects our chromosomes when the DNA makes copies of itself.  Experts will describe a telomere as similar to the tip of a shoelace that protects the shoelace from fraying.  When we protect our telomeres we lengthen the life span of our cells.  When we protect our skin cells, our skin remains healthy longer and ages slower. SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream is formulated to do just that!

Along with protecting the condition of telomeres, SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream has collagen plumping and building ingredients to help skin look and feel younger immediately.  I know this is some of my favorite information to have – my almost 40 year old skin likes to look and feel healthily plump!

SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream comes in an innovative syringe. The syringe makes one-handedly dispensing a measured amount of cream easy.  It also is great for making sure you get to use every drop of this wonderful cream!  The syringe comes with a locking mechanism which I expect to be very useful when traveling.

I love how light SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream is!  It has got to be the lightest night cream on the market.  The first time I put it on I wondered if I would need to use more.  But I have found I do not.  In fact, within a couple of days my skin was feeling softer without feeling oilier – which is one of the reasons night creams have not always been my friend. Now that I found Elite Telomere NIght Cream, I no longer have to have a love hate relationship with night creams.  There can be love all around!

I ask three questions when deciding whether or not to purchase night creams: 1.  Does it make a claim that is relevant to my skin? 2.  Are the claims believable and documented? 3.  Does it feel good when I apply it and leave my skin feeling good after several applications?   I believe SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream answers yes to all three questions.  I am certain my readers at OMG Goodies will agree!

About Skin Pro Elite Telomere Night Cream:

  • Formulated by notable cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams
  • Contains high concentration of SeDerma’s Juvinity and Snow Algae
  • Scientifically designed to prevent the shortening of telomeres
  • Promotes a youthful looking appearance and slows down symptoms of aging
  • For use alone or in conjunction with Elite Serum Rx as a night cream

The Elite Telomere Night Cream contains a clinically significant concentration of SeDerma’s Juvinity and Snow Algae.

Telomeres are a hot topic in anti-aging these days. This is because telomere length is the real secret to longevity and looking younger. As telomere’s shorten naturally due to age, the aging effect on the skin is naturally compounded. For this reason, cosmetic pharmacists recommend the nightly use of a telomere cream that is scientifically designed to promote a youthful looking appearance. Formulated by Irwin Grams and offered under the award-winning Elite line of cosmeceuticals from SkinPro, this product is a surefire winner. Try it today and feel younger tomorrow.


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  1. Kameo Monson

    It’s almost over! 45 mins! Are you ready! Who’s going to win this fabulous cream?

  2. Alison

    I love the syringe container for this! It’s so cute and I love that it lets you be precise with the amount you’re using.

    1. Kameo Monson

      I like the look of the syringe too! I also like that it makes it so easy to carry – there’s no bulk to it!

  3. debbie

    I would love to have my skin feel softer.

  4. Sharon Howard

    I would Love that it doesn’t clog pores and it Promotes a youthful looking appearance and slows down symptoms of aging because at age 51 I really need help with aging.

    1. Kameo Monson

      I love knowing my aging is slowed down. I was so excited to find that out – preemptive is always better than late 😉

  5. Connie

    I love the syringe that does the measuring for you…makes it so simple!

  6. chickie brewer

    I like that you can use it alone or in conjunction with Elite Serum Rx as a night cream.

  7. Marija

    I think I’m going to love the fact the it is a light cream that will not clog my pores!

    1. Kameo Monson

      You will continue to love the unclogged pores! I haven’t had a problem with this cream like I have with others!

  8. Michele P

    Another feature of this is the applicator, I like the fact that it comes in a syringe, making it easier to use.

  9. Deb E

    I would love that a precise amount be delivered with syringe. I’ve used a pump product before and wasted some and also left lots in the bottle.

  10. Michele P

    at ahem…49 I feel that slowing down the symptoms of aging would be my favorite feature lol. I’ve never heard of telomeres before so this post was very informative!

    1. Kameo Monson

      I’m glad you liked the informative nature of the post! I’d never heard of telomeres either until I found this cream! I absolutely love that feature!

  11. Deb E

    The feature of plump skin, like I drank a ton of water, is something I would love to see with this product.

  12. Connie

    I like that it uses a syringe. That makes it so much easier.

  13. sydney anderson

    love that it is easy to use

  14. Connie

    I love that the syringe does the measuring for you. That saves money and makes it easy not to put on too little or too much.

  15. Deb E

    The fact that it will feel not oily on my skin is a big plus.

    1. Kameo Monson

      I really don’t like products that make my face feel oily! This cream is the 1st night cream I’ve found that immediately feels soft instead of oily! You’ll love it!

  16. Deb E

    I would expect my skin to feel dewy and hydrated from the cream.

  17. Fiona N

    I love that it will slow down symptoms of aging!

    1. Kameo Monson

      Me Too!

  18. Deb E

    My fave feature will be that it makes my skin feel smooth.

  19. Connie

    I like that it’s nice and light on your skin. Heavy creams make me feel like I’m wearing a mask.

  20. Connie

    I like that it uses telomeres…”the real secret to longevity and looking younger.”

  21. Deb E

    I like creams that you cannot feel working so I expect it to feel weightless on my skin as it’s doing its magic!

  22. Fiona N

    I love the feature that say “SkinPro Elite Telomere Night Cream has collagen plumping and building ingredients to help skin look and feel younger”
    Thank You for the chance

  23. Deb E

    I’m expecting to love the softening of the lines around my mouth and nose! Facial yoga only goes so far, lol

  24. lana simanovicki

    I like everything about it

    1. Kameo Monson

      Me Too! Everyone will love this cream!

  25. Deb E

    I’m a nurse and used to dealing with syringes, so I think it would be easy to apply. I get others all over my hands when I don’t have something like a syringe.

    1. Kameo Monson

      The syringe is wonderful! It makes application so much nicer!

  26. Connie

    I LOVE that it slows down symptoms of aging! 🙂

  27. Deb E

    I’m glad I can use this along with my current night cream, which is Olay and doing a good job but it says I can use both, yay!

  28. Connie

    I like the immediate effects.

    1. Kameo Monson

      I love being able to put the cream on and see an immediate difference too!

  29. Deborah Caudill

    I think the anti-aging properties of this night cream is what I will like best. I have dry skin that makes my face feel tight and very dry in the colder months.

  30. Connie

    I love that the syringe does the measuring for you.

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