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Slab Dream Lab Lego® Compatible Base Plates

Slab Dream Lab creates Lego® compatible base plates that are a must have for every Lego® builder.

Slab Dream Lab

Slab Dream Lab makes a variety of Lego® compatible base plates. From Minecraft base plates to mine, build and create another world, to bubblegum pink plates to build the perfect princess castle, your Lego® creations will explode. Especially on their Volcanic Doom base plates!

My thoughts on Slab Dream Lab’s Lego® base plates.

Slab Dream Lab’s Lego® compatible base plates, or slabs, are a necessity for every Lego® builder. They create a foundation for every creation. Take your Lego® creations to the next step by building them on these Lego® slabs.

Unlike the traditional building plates, these slabs are made out of thick plastic that do not bend. This helps the blocks and mini figurines stay on the board. There is also a lip on the edge of the plates that allows you to add another slab. When you add to the slab, these lips help create a flat building surface, unlike the traditional Lego® base plates. This opens up a whole new door for the Lego® world. Instead of having gaps when placing more than one slab together to create a larger building space, everything is even. Since the corners are pointed, everything fits together like a glove. Now, you have the ability to create the Lego® table you have always wanted. Or better yet, how about  a Lego® wall? The sky is the limit with Slab Dream Lab.

Slab Dream Lab

Another great feature is that these slabs are portable. I was able to keep all of the little Lego® pieces away from my toddler by simply moving the slab from the floor to the table. Or instead of playing keep away from the baby you could also entertain them with these slabs. Bring out the Duplos® or Mega Bloks®. Because these slabs are compatible with every single type of building block! What a great goodie this ended up being for our family. We were able to get everyone involved, which can be so challenging when your kids have such an age difference.

The base plates are available in 3 different sizes and are painted with a wide variety of different themes. This makes your slab options endless. Build a space shuttle to fly to the moon on the Space Odyssey slabs, go for a drive down main street with their City Street slabs. You can also build a magical world on any of their Fantasy World slabs. Take your Lego® mini figurines on a trip to a Caribbean Island or take them on an adventure through the Frozen Tundra. To see their entire Slab selection, please visit Slab Dream Lab’s website.

Visit Slab Dream Lab’s Facebook Page and don’t forget to follow them on their Pinterest Page. You can also scoop up some great ideas and ways to use these slabs on their Twitter Page page.

Slab Dream Lab

The folks over at Slab Dream Lab are giving OMG readers a chance to win your very own Slab Lab prize pack! Enter to win!


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  1. janetfaye

    I like Caribbean Island Baseplate.

  2. Carissa

    my son said he really likes the Multi-Planet Baseplate the best! lots of good options, though!

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