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Slots, Bingo and Casino | How Online Games are Thriving More Than Ever

Bingo, casino, and slots games are nothing new. All three have been around for far longer than the
internet has! It was only towards the end of the 1990s and the start of the 2000s where websites
started popping up with a variety of emulated games for people to enjoy. Video games are nothing
new, either. But these were very different types of games – these were games where you could win
real money!

We’re heading into a new decade and online gaming is still as popular now as it was 20-25 years ago.
It’s incredible to think that there are some online casinos out there which are nearly celebrating two
decades in business! Some of us have even been playing these games at these sites for that long.
Where has time gone?

More to the point – why are these games still so popular? What is it about bingo, slots and casino
games which still appeal to people logging on day after day? Many players even check sites like
Boomtown Bingo to compare new and old gaming sites and find the best offers. There are a few
reasons for this, and we’re going to take a very brief trip back into the past to learn more.

The Bingo Boom
Whether you were an internet user in the UK, the US, Australia or anywhere else in the world, there
was no escaping the rise of bingo websites in the early 00s. This is sometimes referred to as a period
known as the ‘bingo boom’, and some of the biggest and best bingo lounges are still operating online
to this day!

Early bingo sites brought together two exciting new ways to explore the internet. Online gaming for
real money and chat rooms. Chat rooms had been around for a while by this point, but bringing
them together with online bingo games was a stroke of genius!

Bingo has always been a social activity. There are bingo halls the world over, inviting people in to
mark off their cards with the chance of winning some big money. It’s a remarkably simple game! It’s
all down to the luck of the tickets. This, therefore, translated very easily over to the online scene.
Online bingo is deceptively simple, and over the years, it’s only gotten more elaborate!

Online bingo is just as popular now as it ever has been. And there’s more than a few reasons for

Gaming with Convenience
The main draw behind playing bingo, slots and casino games via PC or phone is the fact that it’s so
convenient! After all, who has access to a casino down the road? Not most people, that’s for sure.
Anyone with access to a computer or phone can access a bingo or casino site and get started.
What’s more, you can pay with a card or an e-wallet to fund your games. It’s so simple!

The mobile revolution has helped to make things even more convenient. Most online casinos and
bingo sites will now allow you to play their games on the go through a mobile interface or app. That
means you can now dab bingo cards and spin the reels from your own smartphone. It’s really
incredible to think how far online gaming has come. Just a few years ago, we were never thinking
we’d be playing roulette on the bus?

It’s largely this convenience that has continued to make online gaming so popular. But there’s
another big factor in play, too.

Bigger Bonuses
Bonus codes and deals are only getting more interesting for regular players. That’s because more
people are playing and investing money in these sites! Strangely enough, one of the main reasons
why so many people are putting money in is thanks to these deals. It’s a bit of a paradox!

You only have to look at some of the big name bingo sites and casinos listed at Boomtown Bingo
with their welcome offers and promo codes to understand the appeal. Some sites are even giving
away free cash for you to play with! Providing you put a little of your own money in, most online
casinos will let you take away some free credit to play their games with.

The more money you have to play with, the more fun you have in store. That’s a fact! There are
more and more bingo and casino sites popping up, too – which means an incredible variety of deals
to choose from.

Spoilt for Choice!
With new bingo and slots sites launching all the time, and with games getting more advanced, it’s
hardly surprising why so many people still enjoy bingo and casino games online. Take a look at some
of the biggest deals and sites listed by Boomtown Bingo to take your pick of some of the finest
casinos online right now! Who knows – you might win big if you’re fe

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